Lions Logistics Group

International Haulage Specialists

We now support 1.44!

We are happy to announce we have released support for version 1.44 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator.
Unfortunately, due to incompatibilities, we are unable to support ProMods or the Spring mod at the moment. Our map edits to the C-D road and TruckersMP city have also been disabled temporarily.


Tag: Lions Group
Language: English
Created: 21 Jul 2020 13:21 UTC
Supported Game
Euro Truck Simulator 2
Owner: ShadowLion
Members: 28
Recruitment: Open

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About Lions Logistics Group

Learn more about Us & Why you should Join Today!

  |   04 Sep 2021 12:10 UTC   |   ShadowLion

The Move Across to Official Multiplayer

With the launch of Official Multiplayer we have seen our operations shift from TruckersMP to Official MP

26 Nov 2021 17:02 UTC   |   ShadowLion

Changes In Requirements & Structure Changes

We have adjusted our Requirements to make the company more flexible now Lockdown is over and everywhere is opening up again along with some new exciting structure changes taking place in the coming months

04 Sep 2021 11:15 UTC   |   ShadowLion

Galactica Announcement

We are Happy to Join Quantum Gaming Group in announcing Galactica!

04 Sep 2021 13:08 UTC   |   ShadowLion

New Drivers Wanted!!

Lions Logistics UK was founded on the basis of building a "family" of people who enjoyed both the professional and silly side of playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 and now as a subsidiary company for Lions Logistics Group we have continued to grow our family and now we are looking for new faces to join our growing family of drivers!

14 Jun 2021 13:21 UTC   |   ShadowLion


Events We Are Attending

🚚 ConSecGroup Friday Convoy 🚚

🚚 ConSecGroup Friday Convoy 🚚

27 May 18:00 UTC



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  • You must be 16 years old or older
  • Have your TruckersMP profile set to public
  • Have 50+ in-game hours on ets2
  • Must use the company colours and tag
  • Complete a minimum of 1000 miles (Real) per month
  • Maximum of 1 ban in the last 3 months

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Lions Logistics | Staff
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