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Language: English
Created: 11 Nov 2023 21:54 UTC
Supported Game
Euro Truck Simulator 2
DLCs Required: 0
Owner: XavRagnarok
Members: 3
Recruitment: Open

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TruckersMP VTC Membership Requirements:

Age and Experience:

Applicants must meet a minimum age requirement (e.g., 16 years or older). New recruits should have a certain level of experience in Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2) or American Truck Simulator (ATS) in single-player or TruckersMP.

TruckersMP Account:

All members must have a registered and active TruckersMP account. It's recommended that members keep their TruckersMP profile up-to-date with accurate information.

In-Game Activity:

Maintain a minimum level of in-game activity, such as a specified number of monthly or weekly deliveries or distance covered in ETS2 or ATS.

Legal Copy of ETS2/ATS:

Possess a legal copy of either Euro Truck Simulator 2

Mic and Communication:

A working microphone is recommended for communication during convoys and in VTC-specific channels. Join the VTC's chosen communication platform (e.g., Discord or TeamSpeak) for company updates and coordination.

Respect for Rules:

Be familiar with and willing to follow the VTC's rules and guidelines, as well as those of TruckersMP. Demonstrated respect for fellow VTC members and the broader TruckersMP community is essential.

Truck Customization:

Adhere to the company's skin and customization guidelines when using the VTC's tag and skin.

Convoy Participation:

Participate in VTC-organized convoys and events whenever possible. Be punctual and follow convoy leaders' instructions during group drives.

Data Privacy:

Respect the privacy and personal information of other VTC members.

Loyalty and Commitment:

Be an active and committed member of the VTC, contributing to its success and sense of community.

External Commitments:

Inform VTC leadership if you plan to join or represent other VTCs or organizations on TruckersMP to avoid conflicts of interest.

Language Proficiency:

If applicable, demonstrate proficiency in the VTC's primary language for communication.

Joining Procedure:

Complete the VTC's application process, which may include a written application, interview, or test drives. Fulfill any probationary period or training requirements for new members.

Promotion and Demotion:

Understand the criteria and process for promotions and potential demotions within the VTC.

Active Participation:

Engage actively in VTC activities, such as forum discussions, supporting fellow members, and contributing to the VTC's goals.

DLC Requirements

No DLCs Required


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