Introducing TruckersMP Upper Staff

Last update: 21 Oct 2022 20:58 UTC
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TruckersMP Upper Staff are responsible for many different things in TruckersMP, many are in charge of their own unique teams and some are responsible for some more particular or special tasks. Here you can find out more about the people behind the accounts and what they are really doing this all for.

We really love being involved in the community here and we hope this article helps to familiarise yourself with some key faces here at TruckersMP.

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This article may not be up-to-date as it will get updated every few months!

Game Producer -


Hey, I'm Smoky, currently in the team as Game Producer. I joined the team almost 5 years ago while I was still at school and never wrote/spoke English outside of that place. TruckersMP brought a lot to me such as: knowledge of English, skills to work in a team, my partner, and of course a wonderful community which I enjoy spending multiple hours a day for. As a Game Producer, I focus on the development and planning of TruckersMP, I also act as a point of contact for Project Coordinators when they cannot come to an agreement for special situations. Outside of TruckersMP, I like to play games, drive my car or spend time with friends and family.

The Development Team - | |


Hi there! I am Michał and I am Game Developer here at TruckersMP. I have been in the team since the very beginning, so approximately 8 years now. I am a co-creator of the project, I have created the core engine to run the game in multiplayer mode. I am doing my best to improve the player experience and the foundations of the project. Outside of TruckersMP, I have spent some time in triple A game development, I am a professional programmer. In my free time, I love to drive my car and listening to music.


Hi everyone! My name is Jan and I am a Game Developer at TruckersMP. This has been my full-time position since July 2021, but I have been a TruckersMP developer since August 2018, and I joined the team as a Game Moderator in early 2018. Throughout my time here, I have worked on multiple website systems, I have completely taken over the Discord bots development, and obviously, I have spent thousands of hours on the game client and servers. This work is never-ending but I love every minute I can be a part of this project. In my spare time, I enjoy taking walks and discovering new places, spending time with my friends, or just playing games.


Hi, I'm 3v and I help make sure TruckersMP is online and available at all times. I've been around the project since its first public version, but only joined the staff team a few years later. Outside of TruckersMP I am a senior software developer and AWS professional with many many years of experience with large scale systems. In my free time I'll often ride my motorcycle or try some interesting new technology.




Hello there! I am Krashnz, and I am a part of the web development and DevOps teams here at TruckersMP. I have been on the team for over 6 and a half years and have worked on many different features and tools for the community. Outside of TruckersMP, I am a full-time software engineer. The one thing I love about the TruckersMP community is seeing all the different ways people use the tools we create such as TruckersMP Stats, TruckersMP Traffic, and of course the map!



Kid Fabi

Heyo! My name is Fabian, though in the world wide web I'm known as Kid Fabi. I'm 23 years old currently living in Germany but originally I come from Poland. Since march 21st 2019, I've been a part of the TruckersMP Team. Exactly 2 years later, on march 21st 2021, I've gotten a opportunity to join the Web Development team. I usually work on improvements for our internal systems as well as create new ones. In my spare time, I like to play various games and listening to music.


Hey there! I am J-M and I'm part of the Web Development team at TruckersMP. I have been in the team for more than 7 years and have spent 6 of those years in the Web Development team. Since I've been in the Web Development team, I've created many internal and external systems like the Virtual Trucking Company system(s), Knowledge Base Article system(s), Support System, Event System and more! Outside of TruckersMP I spend time with my dog called Molly and work as a full time web developer for an event company. One thing I love about TruckersMP is seeing people using the system I've built and seeing their creativity with the amount of power we are giving them.

Project Manager -


Hi, I am Jeronimo, the current Project Manager. Apart from being responsible for the global management of the staff team and our official partners, I mainly focus on what the future of TruckersMP should look like and determining the path how to get there. One of my long-term objectives include involving users more in this innovative process in order to capture great ideas from within the community and enhance the multiplayer experience together with you! In real life, I hold a degree in biomedical sciences and am currently enrolled in a master's program in innovation management. Hope to see you around!

Advisor -

Nameless Ghoul

Hello I'm Nameless Ghoul. I'm an Advisor here at TruckersMP. I joined TruckersMP back in December of 2014 and joined the team in October 2016 as Media. I have been through many ranks in my time here starting as Media then to Support, GM, GMTL, CMT, CMM, PC and now Advisor. I like to make sure I'm supporting the team as much as possible where they need me. I thoroughly enjoy coming up with new ideas to make TruckersMP a better place for our team and our community. You'll find me in the Discord and Forums and can contact me for any questions you may have.

Service and Data Analyst -



Community Management -


Hey! I am Luna, Senior Community Manager here at TruckersMP. Currently, I study in The Netherlands but originally, I am from Germany. I have been part of the team for a couple of years and started as an Event Team member guiding convoys. My time here has taught me so much, from basic English to what subject I would eventually end up studying :)
For me, TruckersMP is more than a multiplayer modification - it's a whole experience that I am super happy to be a part of.


Hey everyone! My name is Stan, and I'm a Community Manager here at TruckersMP. I first joined the team back in March 2021, as a Game Moderation Trainee. Since then I've enjoyed meeting lots of new people, and being involved with the project. Outside of TruckersMP, I currently study at a Sixth Form in the UK and have a range of hobbies, such as mountain biking and meeting friends. By far my favourite thing about TruckersMP is the amazing community that has been built up and the new people I get to speak with every day. I also enjoy attending events and being involved with VTCs. If ever you fancy a chat or need help with something, feel free to message me on Discord!


Hiya! I am IethaI but don't worry I am not lethal, so don't be afraid to contact me. I live in the Flemish part of Belgium and I am 22 years old. Currently, I am looking for a job, within the construction industry. Outside of TruckersMP, I enjoy playing other simulation games and going on walks with my 2 Huskies, they are so amazing. I became a part of this awesome community back in 2016, and I have been a part of the staff team since the Summer of 2018. I joined the team as a Support Team member, which I left in April 2019 to focus on my college work. In that same Summer, I rejoined the team as a Dutch Translator and became a Game Moderator a couple of months later. In April 2020, I was given the chance to become a Community Manager.


Hey! I'm James and I am one of the Community Managers here at TruckersMP. I am from the United Kingdom and I have been part of the team since October 2020. I currently attend college and I'm studying a Level 3 extended diploma IT course. I joined the team in October 2020 as a 'Trainee' and then got promoted to Report Moderator. After I was a Report Moderator, I was then promoted to the position of Game Moderator. I am also the CEO of Bruijn Logistics. If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to get in contact with me! See you on the roads!


Hi there! I am Matt, a Community Manager here at TruckersMP or you might know me for owning Prime Logistics! I make sure every blog post you read is checked with proper grammar and wording. ;) I rejoined the Community Management team after leaving the team back in October 2021. I am currently doing a level 4 apprenticeship in web development here in the UK. Outside of the virtual space, I enjoy going out with friends and walking my dogs. See you around!

Community Moderation Management -




Hey there!

Critical here, one of the Community Moderation Managers at TruckersMP! I currently reside in Sweden and I'm both a car and an aviation geek. I've been playing TruckersMP since 2015, and been an active member of the Discord guild since early 2019, and really enjoyed it ever since. In December 2020, I got the opportunity to join the amazing support team in order to both help the various of players in need, but to also be able to help contribute towards the TruckersMP project, a community I have been so close to for years. I then joined the Discord Moderation team as a secondary role, alongside my Support duties to be able help out further, but to also broaden my moderation skills which has been a blast. Last but not least, I got the opportunity to become a Community Mod Manager in February which has been wonderful, and I can't be more excited for what's to come. This is truly a wonderful project and I'll always do my best in maintaining and improving various of aspects, with the current one being the Community Moderation Team alongside my colleagues.

Game Moderation Management -


Hi, my name is Marco and I'm from Tuscany, a region located in central Italy. I joined the TruckersMP team over five years ago when I was still a student and since then I have gone through many roles within the team, up to this point, managing my role here at TruckersMP as an SGMM and a full-time job in the Oil & Gas Industry. I am passionate about this role and every day I encounter a different challenge which pushes me to do more, do it better and faster. This role is far from easy, but comes with interest, dedication and knowledge, I put all my efforts into improving the TruckersMP environment in the subjects my role covers, whether it be game rules, game moderation, recruitments or game moderation management, with the full support of the GM Team.


Hi all, I am Aek177 and I am a Game Moderation Manager here at TruckersMP. I have been in the team for almost four years now and have been in a few different teams in my time here. Outside of TruckersMP I work full time at a Train Operating Company in the South West of the UK. I thoroughly love helping out here and have seen many changes throughout my time here in the community and staff team!


I'm Ashley, TruckersMP's Community Coach Driver. I currently work for National Express operating to and from London on a daily basis. I've been involved in public transport for the last six years and have travelled extensively across both the UK and Europe. Outside of work, I do thoroughly enjoy having the time to play games, as well as Airsoft as-well.



Support Management -


Hey! I'm Alistair also known as Ali and I am currently the Senior Support Manager here at TruckersMP! I have been on the team now for over three years have spent most of my time in the Support Team. Outside of TruckersMP, I work within the IT industry and have done for many years now. I'm originally from Scotland however, have moved around quite a lot in my life. I enjoy TruckersMP mainly because it allows me to help members of the community with anything they need and I try my best to do that daily. I have met so many amazing people within the community and have also met someone very special to thanks to TruckersMP. If you need anything, feel free to reach out to me, have an awesome day! :)


Hey there! My name is GGF MD, mostly known as GGF, and I am one of the three Support Manager here at TruckersMP. I first joined the team in Januar 2018. During this year, I went through many, many ranks such as Trial and Full Support, Discord and Forum Mod, Social Media Team, Game Moderator and even Game Moderator Leader. In December of 2018 I was offered the position of Support Manager. I love my job here and the community itself. It feels great to help users and I try my best to keep the Support Team running


Hello everybody! My name is Leon and I'm part of the Support Management at TruckersMP. Entirely aimless, I joined the simulation community in 2015 when I started to play Microsoft Flight Simulator X on IVAO. I registered an account at TruckersMP on 14th January 2017 and it didn’t take long for me to make new friends who had the same goal as I had at that time - starting a VTC. I spent much time at this VTC, a time I still have many memories of and a time I earned much knowledge and experience from people who are known in the ETS community. In May 2018, I got a great birthday present from TruckersMP and the possibility to join the team as a Support Team member. I worked as a Supporter for 4 months, then I got promoted to Game Moderator and at the beginning of 2019, I became part of the Human Resources Team. After being part of the TruckersMP HR Team for more than 1.5 years, I was offered the Support Manager role in September 2020. Every position at TruckersMP had something in common: Teamwork, respect, and loyalty. TruckersMP taught me that being part of the team is sometimes not that easy and it is not a place to relax. The result of hard work and diligence took me to the place where I am now. I’m now responsible for the Support Team. I make sure that you are being helped properly if you are in need of assistance, apart from that I am also in charge of recruitments, and a lot of additional tasks. In real life, I am in my final year of school and highly interested in aviation - that's why I currently make my license for gliders and microlight aircraft. For the future, I aim to study Air Traffic Management or Aviation Management, though I am also highly interested in politics where I engage myself in a party - at least on a local level. I am a very social person who likes to help people in need and who is always happy to reach goals together with others, which also explains my engagement in my local Fire Department. If you ever need assistance or want to find out more about me, just send me a DM - I will be more than happy to get to know you!

Add On Management -


Hey, I am Nika, Add-On Manager here at TruckersMP. I have been part of the team for over a year now. Being part of the team is awesome, especially in Add-On Team since you always have a chance to improve your knowledge and skills as well as learn new things. Outside of team duties, I enjoy editing pictures, playing video games, and chatting with friends.


Hello all, TeamDeer here. I have been with the team since 2018 and have enjoyed many hours apart of this great community. I have attended many truck fests, convoys, and special events in the 5 years that I have been playing on TruckersMP. I'm pleased to be a manager of the Add-On Team. Together with the team we hope to create great in game assets such as new map areas, models, and vehicles. You can count on Deer delivering quality content all the time. See you on the road, truckers!

Event Management -


Hi everybody! My name is Whitelodge and I am 22 years old. I’m an Event Manager here at TruckersMP. I live near a famous UK racing circuit, which is a nice bonus being able to see some live action racing providing some great inspiration for the events you see. I have a great passion for anything involving computers or networking and thoroughly enjoy being able to turn the house upside down re-wiring it! I now work for a health company doing network engineering for them which means entering some interesting places. I have been playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 since 2012 and have at least 3000 hours on the game (many do not show as it was before it was activated on steam) prior to this though I played the original version of the game. The game has come a long way since the start! My roles include event planning, managing event server requests, feedback tickets, map editing and working with Raymond, CyberSkilzz, Skinner and Mist on Official Events in the future and beyond! I love managing events, so I am extremely grateful for being offered the position that I have! I first joined the community back in July 2014 and joined the staff team in September 2019 as a member of the Event Team. I also joined the Add-on team in November 2019 as an additional role. I look forward to being able to help create some memorable events for the community in my time here at TruckersMP. I have met so many great people and I hope it will continue long into the future!


Hello everyone! I am Mist, Event Manager here in TruckersMP. I have been apart of the team just over a year now and over four year in the community overall helping out multiple different teams/projects ranging from moderation, events, to just spending time talking with others where possible. Outside of TruckersMP, I drive a bus full time for a transportation company to assist in transporting local hospital staff around campus. TruckersMP has such a wonderful community and always look forward to getting to know more of you the community.





Media Management -


Hello there! I'm TnT404, Media Manager at TruckersMP. I've been with the team since April of 2021. I haven't told many this, but the meaning behind the boring name that I chose is the following. TNT isn't supposed to stand for neither trinitrotoluene nor TNT Express, lol, but in fact I took it after a small clan that I made in 2008 in the game Crysis, name was Total Nuclear Team (totally original, am I right?). 404, I chose that from the number of subscribers I had on Youtube at the time, coincidental with the HTTP 404 error. My love for this community comes from the fact that I get to drive on the roads of ETS 2 with a plethora of people I don't know, and it's fun! I'd also like to teach more people how to properly edit ETS videos, so we can build a small community of decent video makers! I'm a huge movie and VFX buff, I love watching movies, but what I love even more is finding out behind the scenes information, especially VFX breakdowns and such (these days I can tell precisely how most if not all effects, practical or digital, are done hehe).I also like reading trivia about them. I aspire, as a hobby, to be a 3D generalist (still slowly learning modeling, animation, lighting, simulating etc.). Otherwise, I've graduated at a Romanian university with a degree in Electronics, Telecommunication and IT. Now working as a Network Engineer.

Translation Management -


Hello everyone! I am known as InvisibleRaptor here, but my name is Andrei and I am from Bucharest, Romania. I am Senior Translation Manager at TruckersMP and I've been in the management position for 2.5 years. I am currently coordinating the Translation Management and lead the entire team of Translators into the right direction, which means most of my work is done behind the scenes. You might not see me on the roads often, but don't hesitate to say hi when you meet me, especially at the convoys. In real life, I am currently a student at the Faculty of International Business & Economics and I also work as a freelancer, obviously as a Translator. On top of that, I am crazy about basketball and calisthenics, which are my hobbies. I've been playing basketball for 10 years in a professional team and I am now looking to improve my dunks, but my main goal is still doing some calisthenics elements. Thank you for reading!

[WT] Bingo [CH]

Hello everyone, I'm Bingo, one of the Translation Managers here at TruckersMP. I'm from Switzerland, a small country in the middle of Europe which is known for it's money, expensive watches, chocolate and cheese. Currently, I'm doing the mandatory military service. I’ll eventually start working as a truck driver and I also plan to start studying later this year. I've been part of the TruckersMP community since 2015 but only joined the team back in 2019 as a Translator when I had the chance to become Translation Manager in July 2020. Within my role, I ensure that official posts and assets are being translated into various languages and that internal communication within the TruckersMP team is on a high standard. My interest in different languages has always been significant, which is why I speak German and French fluently and English at a medium level. In-game, you will most likely find me doing some deliveries on ProMods with my favourite Volvo FH truck. See you on the road!


Hello everyone. I am mostly known as Lady or Andromeda. I am from Cyprus but I am living in the UK right now. I am a Turkish Language and Culture Teacher and I am teaching the Turkish language and culture to foreign kids. I love playing games, watching different streams, and driving. This is why I started to play Euro Truck Simulator 2 and joined TruckersMP in 2016. I joined the team in 2017 because I wanted to add something different to this Project. Starting from that year, I worked as Community Moderator, and then I was promoted to the Game Moderation team. In 2021, I joined the Translation team in a secondary role. After spending some time in the Translation team, in 2022, I was promoted to the upper staff as Translation Manager. Translating and teaching languages was always fun for me and I am glad that I found a way to improve myself and this Project by doing more. I hope in the future I will be able to commute more things to this Project. See you on the roads!