Introducing TruckersMP Management and Development

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The TruckersMP Management and development teams are responsible for many different things in TruckersMP. Many are in charge of their own unique teams and some are responsible for some more particular or special tasks. Here you can find out more about the people behind the accounts and what they are really doing this all for.

We really love being involved in the community here and we hope this article helps to familiarise yourself with some key faces here at TruckersMP.

TBA = To Be Added

Game Producer -


Hey, I'm Smoky, currently in the team as Game Producer. I joined the team almost 5 years ago while I was still at school and never wrote/spoke English outside of that place. TruckersMP brought a lot to me such as: knowledge of English, skills to work in a team, my partner, and of course a wonderful community which I enjoy spending multiple hours a day for. As a Game Producer, I focus on the development and planning of TruckersMP. Outside of TruckersMP, I like to play games, drive my car or spend time with friends and family.

The Development Team - | |


Hi there! I am Michał and I am a Game Developer here at TruckersMP. I have been in the team since the very beginning, so approximately 10 years now. I am a co-creator of the project, I have created the core engine to run the game in multiplayer mode. I am doing my best to improve the player experience and the foundations of the project. Outside of TruckersMP, I have spent some time in triple A game development, I am a professional programmer. In my free time, I love to drive my car and listen to music.


Hi everyone! My name is Jan and I am a Game Developer at TruckersMP. This has been my full-time position since July 2021, but I have been a TruckersMP developer since August 2018, and I joined the team as a Game Moderator in early 2018. Throughout my time here, I have worked on multiple website systems, I have completely taken over the Discord bots development, and obviously, I have spent thousands of hours on the game client and servers. This work is never-ending but I love every minute I can be a part of this project. In my spare time, I enjoy taking walks and discovering new places, spending time with my friends, or just playing games.


Hi, I'm 3v and I help make sure TruckersMP is online and available at all times. I've been around the project since its first public version, but only joined the team a few years later. Outside of TruckersMP I am a senior software developer and AWS professional with many many years of experience with large scale systems. In my free time I'll often ride my motorcycle or try some interesting new technology.




Hello there! I am Krashnz, and I am a part of the web development and DevOps teams here at TruckersMP. I have been on the team for over 6 and a half years and have worked on many different features and tools for the community. Outside of TruckersMP, I am a full-time software engineer. The one thing I love about the TruckersMP community is seeing all the different ways people use the tools we create such as TruckersMP Stats, TruckersMP Traffic, and of course the map!

Kid Fabi

Heyo! My name is Fabian, though in the world wide web I'm known as Kid Fabi. I'm 22 years old currently living in Germany but originally I come from Poland. Since March 21st 2019, I've been a part of the TruckersMP Team. Exactly 2 years later, on March 21st 2021, I've gotten an opportunity to join the Web Development team. I usually work on improvements for our internal systems as well as create new ones. In my spare time, I like to play various games and listen to music.


Hey there! I am J-M and I'm part of the Web Development team at TruckersMP. I have been in the team for more than 9 years and have spent 8 of those years in the Web Development team. Since I've been in the Web Development team, I've created many internal and external systems like the Virtual Trucking Company system(s), Knowledge Base Article system(s), Support System, Event System and more! Outside of TruckersMP I spend time with my dog called Molly and work as a full time web developer for an event company. One thing I love about TruckersMP is seeing people using the system I've built and seeing their creativity with the amount of power we are giving them.


Junior Web Developers -


Hey, I'm Coolio and I recently transferred to the Web Development team after volunteering in the Game Moderation team. Within my time in the Web Development team, I have worked on improving a few internal features but I'm looking to create some awesome systems for you to use! My interests include gaming and running. For work, I am employed full time as a Software Engineer.

Darkhej Master



Hey! I'm Greg. I'm a 17-year-old born and raised in the UK. However, I am Polish. Here at TruckersMP, I help develop new features for the website. The reason why I love TruckersMP is that I am able to learn and expand my development knowledge to a wider community and have an impact on it, and all the users. Aside from TruckersMP, I absolutely love music. 2 of the best genres I listen to are DNB & Trance. TruckersMP has given me the experience to help better guide me through what I want to pursue at university and my future career.

Project Manager -


Hey! My name is Luna, I am a Project Manager at TruckersMP. I have been in other positions before and am currently finishing off my undergraduate degree in marketing, leadership, and business. I grew up in Germany but currently live in The Netherlands where I am really enjoying it! I love travelling and exploring new countries - solo and with friends. Actually, most of the people I travel with are friends from TruckersMP! It is great to see how a common hobby can develop into long-lasting friendships and even more. TruckersMP allowed me to improve my English and played a big role in choosing my study program.

Business Analyst -


Hey there! I am Jeroen. Formerly as the Project Manager, I worked on giving the community a voice in steering the direction of the project. Currently, I try to translate community data into useful metrics and derive actionable insights.

Community Management -


Hey! I am xBestBBx and I am a Community Manager. I originally joined the team as a Community Moderator Trainee back in February of 2021. Through my time in the team, I have been a Game Moderator, Community Moderator and Community Moderator Leader. I was also in the Event Team for a short while. I love aviation, and aspire to be a pilot when I am a little older. I am also a law enforcement enthusiast and hope to also become a police officer. In November of 2023, I was offered the position of Community Manager and have loved this position ever since.


Hello! My name is Rider and I'm a Community Manager at TruckersMP. I'm always around for a chat or to help, so please do not hesitate to contact me through Discord, Forums, or Steam. If you see me in-game, don't hesitate to PM me or @ me in chat as well. I currently reside in Canada, I am 19 years old and I study 911 dispatching at College. I've been a part of the team since March 2022. I did leave once for a month due to lack of time, but have since returned and enjoyed every moment! I currently am employed and have 2 dogs + 1 cat; Sammy, Scotty, and Bizi.







Community Moderation Management -


Hello there! My name is sneaht and I am a Community Moderation Manager here at TruckersMP! Over the last few years, I have been an active member of the community. I joined the team in 2021 as a Community Moderator. Later on, I made it to the position of Community Moderator Leader and then took the additional role of Game Moderator. Due to my experience in multiple roles, I got the chance to become a manager, which I still love to be every day. If you ever need me, you can always DM me. I am a young man who lives in Belgium and always is happy to be on the roads again. Be it in real life or on TruckersMP. Outside of my TruckersMP duties, I love to play a match of badminton or go out for a walk in the forest.



Game Moderation Management -


Hi, my name is Marco and I'm from Tuscany, a region located in central Italy. I joined the TruckersMP team over seven years ago when I was still a student and since then I have gone through many roles within the team, up to this point, managing my role here at TruckersMP as an SGMM and a full-time job in the Oil & Gas Industry. I am passionate about this role and every day I encounter a different challenge which pushes me to do more, do it better and faster. This role is far from easy, but comes with interest, dedication and knowledge, I put all my efforts into improving the TruckersMP environment in the subjects my role covers, whether it be game rules, game moderation, recruitments or game moderation management, with the full support of the GM Team.


Hi all, I am Aek177 and I am a Game Moderation Manager here at TruckersMP. I have been in the team for almost four years now and have been in a few different teams in my time here. Outside of TruckersMP I work full time at a Train Operating Company in the South West of the UK. I thoroughly love helping out here and have seen many changes throughout my time here in the community and the team!


I'm Ashley, TruckersMP's Community Coach Driver. I currently work for National Express operating to and from London on a daily basis. I've been involved in public transport for the last six years and have travelled extensively across both the UK and Europe. Outside of work, I do thoroughly enjoy having the time to play games, as well as Airsoft as-well.


Hello, I'm Branko, a Game Moderation Manager here at TruckersMP. Currently I am in the final stages of completing my bachelor's degree, with the goal of becoming a high school teacher. My specialisation lies in history and geography, subjects I am passionate about sharing with students aged 12 to 18. Outside of my professional and academic pursuits, I find joy in playing darts and spending time with friends. Additionally, I am involved with a catering company, where my focus revolves around something typically Belgian – fries and fried snacks, commonly known here as the "frituur." Fun fact: fries were actually invented in Belgium, not in France, which makes them Belgian fries and not French fries.


Hello! My name's Fezz and I'm from the south of the UK. I have been in the team for half a decade and have been in various roles. My day to day job involves working on a service desk as IT Support. You'll either find me gaming non stop or out enjoying my time at car or truck shows. Being apart of TruckersMP Community has given me lots of experience in the various roles I've been in but more importantly... It's because of TruckersMP that I have met some of the most amazing people here and because of TruckersMP, we've become great friends.

Support Management -


Hey! My name is Alistair or Ali which is what I go by on TruckersMP. I have been in the TruckersMP Team for 5 years and I have primarily been in the Support Team, except from a short term within Human Resources. Currently, I work in the IT industry and have done now for the past 5 years. I am from Scotland however, due to family jobs – I have moved around the UK and even lived around Europe. I enjoy being in the Support Team as it is something that I have always loved doing due to the team that I work with and being able to help the community with any issues that they receive. During my time within TruckersMP I have met some amazing people and more so, I have met someone who is very special to me. If you ever need any assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me via DMs.


Hello everyone, My name is Rico and I am one of the Support Managers here. Just a little bit of background about myself. For those asking, Rico is not my real name - I guess you will have to find out :D. I am 22 years old, originally from Romania and currently a university student in my last year in the UK. I have been in the team for over 4 years now and have experienced the Support Team to its fullest (may I add it's an amazing place to be). As part of my role here, I am fairly new to it as I have been in the management team for a few months now and getting to grasp things. Managing the Support Team has been one of my biggest goals and motivation behind my work in the team, there were so many things that needed changing, and being a team member for an extended period of time, I was able to experience everything and started to implement internal changes to the Support team for the better goal of helping you guys. If you ever need anything, the Support team and myself are always happy to help where we can.

Add On Management -


Hello all, TeamDeer here. I have been with the team since 2018 and have enjoyed many hours apart from this great community. I have attended many truck fests, convoys, and special events in the 5 years that I have been playing on TruckersMP. I'm pleased to be a manager of the Add-On Team. Together with the team we hope to create great in game assets such as new map areas, models, and vehicles. You can count on Deer delivering quality content all the time. See you on the road, truckers!

Event Management -


Hi everybody! My name is Whitelodge. I’m the Senior Event Manager here at TruckersMP. I have a great passion for anything involving computers or IT networking which has led me to a career in healthcare IT. I have been playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 since 2012 and have at least 3000 hours on the game prior to this though I played the original version of the game and still have the discs to prove it. The game has come a long way since the start! My roles include event planning, managing event server requests, feedback tickets, map editing and working with the rest of the management team coordinating Official Events in the future and beyond! I first joined the community back in July 2014 and joined the team in September 2019 as a member of the Event Team. I look forward to being able to help create some memorable events for the community in my time here at TruckersMP. I have met so many great people and I hope it will continue long into the future!




Hello! I am Skinner and currently an Event Manager at TruckersMP. I've been in the team for around two years, in this time I've mainly helped out and created events for this project and the community. Outside of TruckersMP, I'm a freelancer currently working for some of the Uk's biggest radio stations from producing shows to technical operations. One thing I love about TruckersMP is how involved and interactive this community is, from joining the biggest convoys to beeping back when going past on a road.









Media Management -


Hello there! I'm TnT404, Media Manager at TruckersMP. I've been with the team since April of 2021. I haven't told many of this, but the meaning behind the boring name that I chose is the following. TNT isn't supposed to stand for neither trinitrotoluene nor TNT Express, lol, but in fact I took it after a small clan that I made in 2008 in the game Crysis, whose name was Total Nuclear Team (totally original, am I right?). 404, I chose that from the number of subscribers I had on Youtube at the time, coincidental with the HTTP 404 error. My love for this community comes from the fact that I get to drive on the roads of ETS 2 with a plethora of people I don't know, and it's fun! I'd also like to teach more people how to properly edit ETS videos, so we can build a small community of decent video makers! I'm a huge movie and VFX buff, I love watching movies, but what I love even more is finding out behind the scenes information, especially VFX breakdowns and such (these days I can tell precisely how most if not all effects, practical or digital, are done hehe).I also like reading trivia about them. I aspire, as a hobby, to be a 3D generalist (still slowly learning modelling, animation, lighting, simulating etc.). Otherwise, I've graduated from a Romanian university with a degree in Electronics, Telecommunication and IT. Now working as a Network Engineer.

Translation Management -


Hello everyone. I am mostly known as Lady or Andromeda. I am from Cyprus but I am living in the UK right now. I am a Turkish Language and Culture Teacher and I am teaching the Turkish language and culture to foreign kids. I love playing games, watching different streams, and driving. This is why I started to play Euro Truck Simulator 2 and joined TruckersMP in 2016. I joined the team in 2017 because I wanted to add something different to this Project. Starting from that year, I worked as Community Moderator, and then I was promoted to the Game Moderation team. In 2021, I joined the Translation team in a secondary role. After spending some time in the Translation team, in 2022, I was promoted to Translation Manager. Translating and teaching languages was always fun for me and I am glad that I found a way to improve myself and this Project by doing more. I hope in the future I will be able to commute more things to this Project. See you on the roads!