How to use the Ban Appeal System & FAQ

Last update: 18 Aug 2020 10:33 UTC
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Step 1

Upon entering the website, you'll see a red notification notifying you about your active ban including the reason, evidence, how long you are banned for and the option to appeal your ban. Evidence

Step 2

Review the evidence and see if the ban is justified. If so, then we recommend not appealing your ban as we do not remove correctly issued bans. Take it as a learning experience and try to avoid it next time. If the ban is not justified in your opinion, follow Step 3.

Step 3

If you think your ban is not justified, click on "Appeal your ban" which is highlighted in yellow.

Step 4

On this page, you will see your current bans if you are banned. To the right-hand side, you can see text that says "Appeal this ban" - click it.

Note: If you are unable to create a ban appeal, this means that you are not banned or the ban expired already as you can see in the screenshot below.

Step 5

In the box provided, please explain why the ban is not justified and why it should be removed from your profile. If you happen to have the incident recorded from your point of view at the time the initial incident occurred, upload it to YouTube or any other video-hosting platform and include the link to the video in your appeal. Explain in detail how the incident occurred and why your ban is not valid. Once you have provided a detailed explanation, click on "Submit appeal". Excuse

Step 6

Wait for the Game Moderator to deal with your appeal. Spamming or otherwise posting unnecessary things unrelated to the ban will not help, nor make the situation any better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I appealed my ban a few hours ago, but still haven't received a response yet.
Answer: Due to the high volume of appeals we get on almost a daily basis, it can take a while for the Game Moderator to get back to you. If you haven't received a response within a timely manner of maximum 3 days, then you can head over to the Feedback System and file a complaint against the staff member.

Question: I have been banned, but why is there no evidence of my ban?
Answer: If you've been banned in-game, then it can take a while for the staff member to upload the evidence. If you wish to see it, appeal your ban and request evidence from the staff member that issued the punishment.

Question: My ban is justified, but can I still appeal it?
Answer: Yes and no. While you have the option to appeal your ban, we do not recommend doing so as the likelihood of your ban being removed or shortened is close to zero, providing the ban has been correctly issued.

Question: I want to complain about a ban that was issued over a month ago, do I still have the option to appeal it?
Answer: No, you cannot appeal bans that expired over a month ago. You also do not have the option to complain about your ban over the feedback system if it expired over a month ago. Please refer to the rules, specifically §5.3 in this case.

Question: I should be unbanned already, but my ban is still active?
Answer: If you live in another time zone and haven't changed it in the settings yet, then you should do that first or convert it into your time zone. Depending on your time zone, the exact expiration date may differ.