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Many of you are probably interested in the structure of our team and who is responsible for what happens behind the scenes. We would like to emphasise that you should, please, remember that everybody who is part of the TruckersMP team is doing voluntary work without being paid. In that sense, we dedicate our own spare time to this project which means that some processes might take a while because they have to be done properly to ensure we deliver the best quality experience.

First of all, here is an image of our rank structure of our staff team (click on the image to open in full size): img This is a communication chart, not a promotion chart.
As you will easily notice, we have a rather complicated system. That is why it is time to get into the details!

Upper Staff

img | Game Producer

The Game Producer is responsible for managing the progression of the project and its content. They manage the development of upcoming features/projects while managing the priority of each task alongside Developers. They are responsible for the discussions between potential partners, general licensing/legal problems, and behind the scenes technical issues. They oversee the production and development of TruckersMP and work closely with Project Coordinators to maintain steady progress. The Game Producer still has a presence in the community as they are also responsible for managing the Patreon campaign and dealing with suggestions from users.

img | img | img | Developer

Developers are the people who develop the mod, i.e. write the multiplayer code (client/server/others) or develop the website and forum; dealing with servers and databases. If you have discovered a weird bug in-game or on the website, which causes crashes or strange situations, and that has not been noticed by anybody else yet, you can contact our Support Team using the Support System and the developers will take care of it. Additionally, these people are responsible for the implementation of the Add-On Team's content as well as special modifications for events, into the game. Developers are divided into 3 subranks; Game Developer, DevOps and Web Developer.

img | Project Coordinator

Project Coordinators specialise in directing the project and its staff. Project Coordinators focus on deciding the direction the project should go, dealing with staff issues, management of the staff team, planning new features/projects within TruckersMP (website features, game features etc), and making tough decisions in line with TruckersMP’s future. They also focus on the community side by doing Q&A's, surveys, and handling complaints/feedback regarding managers and the project. People in this role are good communicators – working with Game Producers, Developers, and Managers every day.

img | Service & Data Analyst

The Service and Data Analyst is responsible for analysing the TruckersMP processes and procedures and looking for gaps in the service to develop points for improvements. They will then work on proposals to improve these so that the experience for players and team members alike improves. Next to that, the Service and Data Analyst also works on providing team internal and public dashboards that can be consulted to see how the team and community are doing.

img | img | Add-On Manager

Add-On Managers are in charge of the Add-On Team. Reviewing and checking the mapping and modding work done by the Add-On Team are the main responsibilities of this role. The improvement of currently existing systems and content is also one of the main tasks. If you have an idea that you think must be part of TruckersMP, you can contact these people. As with every other team's manager, these people oversee the recruitment process to ensure that new people possess enough qualities to help TruckersMP get even better.

img | img | Community Manager

Community Managers are responsible for a good connection between the community and the staff team. They answer many of the community-related feedback tickets on the website to ensure players are having a good time and outstanding questions are answered. On top of that, they interact with the people on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook & Discord. Hand in hand with the Media and Event Management, they perform many tasks to promote a certain event or project to make the mod more appealing to the community. If you have any issues or problems, you can always contact a Community Manager and they will do their best to help you. These managers will inform you about new activities, events and other news items by writing blog posts or announcing things on the above-mentioned platforms. All VTC related work such as VTC page moderation and verification is part of their job. Community Management is also responsible for a positive atmosphere, you should contact them if you have a general problem with certain punishments or feedback. Note, however, that ban-related inquiries are being dealt with by the Game Moderation Managers.

img | img | Support Manager

Support Managers control the Support System to make sure people are being helped accordingly by checking the help section of the forum or the above-mentioned support section. As team managers, they are in charge of Support Team recruitment periods, hiring new Support Trainees and organising promotions to Trial Support and/or Full Support. Any inquiries related to the TruckersMP Support Team will be dealt with by these people, and feedback tickets regarding the support are also the responsibility of this role. If you have any questions or issues, make sure to contact them.

img | img | Community Moderation Manager

Community Moderation Managers deal with all Forum, Discord and community-related moderation inquiries. The Community Moderator Team is under these managers' control and therefore, the recruitment will be managed by them. This involves picking new Community Moderator Trainees, and subsequently ensuring they are trained to deliver the best moderation experience for the community. They ensure that suitable people are being hired to help moderate the forum and Discord. Should you have any issues or questions with moderation not related to the game, you can submit a feedback ticket which will be handled accordingly by these people.

img | Media Manager

Media Managers deal with the Media Team, by ensuring that new content is made and is published to our high standards. For instance, videos, pictures and similar assets are created to our high standards. Additionally, these managers ensure recruitment for the Media Team is performed correctly; choosing the most appropriate people to join our team. During official convoys or events, they also make sure that their team is on the scene to take awesome footage for social media memories or to celebrate a successful event afterwards.

img | img | Game Moderation Manager

Game Moderation Managers are responsible for everybody within the Game Moderation Team, whether they are Game Moderation Trainees, Report Moderators, Game Moderators, Trainers or Leaders. This role additionally is in charge of the official set of rules regarding the game aspect, ensuring they are fair and updated. You should contact Game Moderation Management if you believe that you've been subject to unfair treatment from a member of this team or if you want to leave feedback about them If you want to complain about a kick or ban, a declined report or anything else regarding the in-game moderation aspect of TruckersMP, you are contacting the correct people when asking the Game Moderation Managers!

img | img | Event Manager

Event Managers deal with the creation as well as the organisation of public and internal staff events. Everything regarding an event is dealt with by them. They ensure that the Event Team is dealing with Convoy Control tasks properly. They coordinate the teams' tasks with the Media & Community Management to make sure that all event preparation and promotion is ready on-time. Lastly, Event Managers manage the Event Request section of the website, assigning event servers and approving temporary event rules. Any questions about Official TruckersMP Events, or requesting an event server should be directed towards this team.

img | img | Translation Manager

Translation Managers are in charge of all of our Translators. They make sure everything released to the community is available in different languages! Assets, posts and blogs will be available in different languages so everyone in the community knows what TruckersMP is up to. Translation Managers have experience in working with different languages. Any inquiries relating to translated resources should be directed to them. Additionally, Translation Managers manage the recruitment of new staff members, to ensure that we have as many languages covered as we can and to fairly distribute the work.


img | Game Moderator Leader

Game Moderator Leaders help out the Game Moderation Managers by being in charge of a smaller subset of Game/Report Moderators. The Game Moderator Leader will check their activity, coach and provide help and tips to any Game/Report Moderator who needs them. Since this is mainly a rank containing internal work, you should not be messaging these people directly.

img | Game Moderator Trainer

Game Moderator Trainers are responsible for delivering the training programs to our new Game Moderation Trainees. They deliver training based on the duties of a Game Moderator, carry out tests and examples with new trainees and teach them how to deal with real situations they may come across as part of their work. They provide support, advice and feedback to Game Moderation Trainees once they've finished their training, and remain at the disposal of Report/Game Moderator even after their training, should there be any questions. Similar to the position of Game Moderator Leader, this rank is mostly internal.

img | Game Moderator

Game Moderators are responsible for moderating our servers by teleporting, kicking and banning users who break the official set of rules. This rank deals with both the website reports and the in-game aspect and game reports. They keep our servers safe from trolling players by reviewing your reports, and applying punishments if necessary. Additionally, with the in-game report system, we have the website report system where you can post proof of players breaking the rules such as ramming somebody or blocking the highway, providing your evidence meets the requirements. The website reports are just as important an aspect of a Game Moderator's work as in-game reports, as every single one of them will be reviewed. However, due to the high workload, it can take quite some time which means you should remain patient and check the web report load indicator.

img | Report Moderator

Report Moderators deal with reports on the website and appeals of the bans they issue. Report Moderators do not have permissions in-game but work on website reports to get an idea of what it will be like as a Game Moderator and to get experience with various situations which may occur in the game. In that regard, training and experience are gained to face decisions quicker once the in-game permissions are granted and the promotion to Game Moderator is reached.

img | Game Moderation Trainee

Game Moderation Trainees are those who applied for the Game Moderator rank, either from the team or from the public. Game Moderation Trainees are required to go through a period of training before actually becoming a Report Moderator, and eventually a Game Moderator. A few days of basic training and testing of common sense are the main idea of this rank, on top of learning the systems involved with being within the Game Moderation Team. The Game Moderator Trainer who takes care of a Game Moderation Trainee transfers all their knowledge to this person. Every question and inquiry will be answered so that a Game Moderation Trainee is ready to start working on website reports and appeals once the permissions are given.

img | Support

Support is a very important role within the team since these people provide technical assistance to users who urgently need it. Starting as a Support Trainee under the supervision of Support Management, they will learn about the job and will complete a test to see if they are a valuable asset for the Support Team. After this, they will become Trial Support, where they are helping people on the forum, Discord and the Support System. If you can't log in after launching your game, you get a connection error or simply experience other technical difficulties, you can submit a ticket and they will help you as soon as possible.

img | Trial Support

Trial Support is a role people will have to go through before becoming a full Support Team member. During this period, they will learn all about the job and learn how to respond to people who experience technical issues. Should you have any issues, they will take care of your support ticket, or answer the questions you may have on the forum. Similar to Report Moderator and Trial Translator, this rank is designed to allow people to gain experience and get to grips with their duties before becoming a full member, only for the Support Team.

img | Support Trainee

Support Trainees are those who applied for Support, either from the team or from the public. They have to go through this rank to get taught about how to keep up professionalism and how to do their future tasks as a Trial and Full Support team member properly. Their training sessions will be observed and led by Support Management.

img | Translator

Translators are in charge of translating assets and posts for the community; making sure the community understands what is going on at TruckersMP. They are experts in the languages they speak. They work under the supervision of Translation Management to help the community. You may not see their work directly, however, they are always busy with translating content.

img | Trial Translator

Trial Translators are those who applied for the Translation Team, either from the team or from the public. Each new member of the Translation Team will have to go through this role to improve and perfect their skills during the training period. Their work is monitored by Translation Management to ensure the quality of each translation until it is shared with the community.

img | Add-On Team

Add-On Team members do the same as their respective managers. The mapping and modding is a major aspect of this team's work and in that sense, they provide the community with amazing creations to enhance the gameplay experience of TruckersMP. You may see some of their work at special TruckersMP Events having developed custom assets and models to be used in-game.

img | Event Team

The Event Team ensures that our events run smoothly and efficiently by guiding players participating in our official events. They also help with the initial planning of these events. Loading saves and being the convoy control is another primary task of this team. Event planning skills are always required and in that sense, these people know a lot and can help out where needed to ensure the events run as smoothly as possible.

img | Community Moderator Leader

Community Moderator Leaders oversee the training of new Community Moderator Trainees to ensure they are ready for their work moderating the various platforms of our community, ranging from Discord to the forum. Additionally, they monitor and check Community Moderators' work to ensure the quality of their moderation is up to the standards set during their training, in line with Community Moderation Management.

img | img | img | Community Moderator

Community Moderator is a rank which covers additional sub-ranks. Under this rank lies Discord Moderator, Forum Moderator and Stream Moderator and they focus on their respective platform. Depending on the needs, Community Moderators deal with one of those main platforms to ensure that everybody is adhering to the rules. Appropriate punishments will be issued in case of a rule violation. Regardless of which platform they mainly focus on, you can always contact one of them if you have something inappropriate to report. Please make sure that you have enough evidence when doing so. Please note that these are not the moderators to ask about bans and punishments issued in-game or on the website; that is the Game Moderation Team's job.

img | Community Moderator Trainee

Community Moderator Trainees are those who applied for the Community Moderation team, either from within the team or from the public during a recruitment period. People must go through this rank to gain the knowledge and know-how of TruckersMP moderation and will be led by Community Moderator Leaders & Managers. After passing this stage, they will be promoted to full Community Moderator, ready to start their duties on either the forum or on Discord.

img | Media Team

The Media Team creates many assets for our social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch). During an official event, they also make sure that professional footage & photos are being taken to present to the public afterwards. If you are an expert in terms of editing videos, image editing software or have any other media-related skills, you should certainly make sure to send them your creations to support their work.

img | Stream Team

The Stream Team is led by Community Management and is responsible for streaming TruckersMP events both official and community ran and doing so on the official TruckersMP Twitch/YouTube channel. They ensure that an enjoyable and interactive experience is provided for the viewers who perhaps have not been able to attend the event; showing off the scenery and any work done by the Add-On Team for that particular event. Great communication skills are one of the major skills these people possess, so they are the ones to contact if you have questions about the TruckersMP streams.


The following ranks are not part of the TruckersMP Staff Team, but you may see them on various user's profiles!

img | img | img | Retired Team Member, Retired Manager & Retired Legend

These ranks are given out to former TruckersMP Staff members, who unfortunately have had to leave us. We are thankful for their service within the team, hence why they receive a special retired rank as our way of saying thank you.

img | Community Contributor

Community Contributors are users within TruckersMP who have gone above and beyond to provide for the community, whether this be through content creation on YouTube or Twitch, creating recognisable mods and addons for the game and more. The members with this rank can be recognised in-game with a dark green floating name.

img | img | ProMods & TruckersFM

This rank is given on the website to some users who represent our partners; ProMods and TruckersFM respectively! We work with our partners to ensure the best collaborations and projects can take place, and these people, along with everyone who works on each project, are just a handful of those we are grateful to work closely with!

img | SCS Software

A forum only rank, this is given to some of the SCS Software staff. We are not affiliated with SCS Software however we show our appreciation for them nonetheless, as at the end of the day they are the ones who develop the game that TruckersMP is built on!

img | Verified VTC Leader

A forum and Discord only rank, this is handed out to a maximum of two members within a validated (Discord) or verified (Discord + Forum) Virtual Trucking Company to show that they have gone above and beyond to create their own small (or sometimes, quite large!) community of drivers within TruckersMP

img | img | Patron

A forum only badge, this is given if you have an active subscription to the TruckersMP Patreon campaign, on the $3 or $5 tier respectively. Your TruckersMP account must be correctly linked to your Patreon account for this to appear on your forum profile, and the badge will then be added automatically. This will only appear as your forum badge so your actual rank, such as Veteran or Verified VTC Leader, won't be affected.

img | Veteran

A forum-only rank, this role goes from Veteran I to Veteran VII, and will only increase as TruckersMP continues to grow older! This rank represents how long users have been registered on the forum, with the number afterwards showing years. These ranks are obtained automatically as your forum account gets older.

img | Player

You all! The members of our community who make TruckersMP what it is!