How to install the Summer Mod?


This article will guide you through the installation process to install the Summer Mod for the 2023 season.

Unsupported Game Version detected - How to downgrade your game

Technical Issues

A solution for the common problem "Unsupported Game Version detected"

Changing account information


Changing your TruckersMP username, email, and password by following the steps below.

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  • Last update: 12 Jul 16:09 UTC

Issues with registering games or signing up

Technical Issues

This guide will help you if you're unable to link your games or sign up to TruckersMP.

(KB:239) Deltagelse i officielt offentlig Discord Guild


En guide til, hvordan man slutter sig til TruckersMP's officielle discord guild.

(KB: 239) Pievienošanās oficiālajai publiskai Discord platformai


Pamācībā kā pievienoties TruckersMP oficiālajai Discord platformai.

(KB: 1076) Kā instalēt Vēlā Rudens Modifikāciju?


Pamācoša pamācībā kā instalēt Vēlā Rudens Modifikāciju, lai to izbaudītu TruckersMP serveros.

(KB:239) Pripojenie sa na oficiálny,verejný discord server


Sprievodca ako sa pripojiť do TruckersMP oficiálnej verejnej Discord skupiny.

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  • Last update: 14 May 12:23 UTC

(KB: 239) Prisijungimas prie oficialios "Discord"


Pamoka, kaip prisijungti prie oficialios „TruckersMP“ "Discord".

How to install and use DBus World with TruckersMP

Getting Started

This guide will help you through the installation process and give more information on how to use DBus World on our servers.