Commands & Keys

Last update: 04 Nov 2020 18:39 UTC
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  • /fix - Used to fix your truck when a trailer is attached.
  • /c(lear) - Used to clear the chat history.
  • /blockpm - Used to block / unblock private messages.
  • /cest-time - show current server time (CEST)
  • /pm [id] [message] - Used to send a private message with the [id] being that of the player who should receive it.
  • /r(eply) - Used to reply to the player of whom sent the most recent private message.
  • /p(layers) - Used to display how many players are on the server.
  • /pinfo [id] - Used to get the user information of a given player - Useful for when reporting on the website.
  • /channel [id] - Used to change CB Radio channels (0 = Deactivated).
  • /time - show current server time (UTC)
  • /s(earch) [name] - Used to find players with [name] within their name.
  • /server - display information about the current server
  • /s(earch)t(ag) [name] - Used to find players with [name] within their tag.
  • /h(elp) - Used to display all available commands.
  • /t(oggle-)g(roup) - Used to hide your group name and color (Patron Only)
  • /tfm-dj - Gets the current presenter/DJ on TruckersFM.
  • /tfm-request [message] - Sends a song request to TruckersFM.
  • /tfm-shoutout [message] - Sends a shoutout message to TruckersFM.
  • /tfm-traffic [message] - Send a traffic report message to TruckersFM.
  • /tfm-currentsong - Gets the current song playing on TruckersFM.
  • /tfm-lastsong - Gets the last song played on TruckersFM.


  • [,] - Used to change to a lower CB channel.
  • [.] - Used to change to a higher CB channel.
  • [Y] - Used to open the chat menu, use [ENTER] to send your message.
  • [X] - Used to activate the CB Radio (voice chat), release to stop talking.
  • [TAB] - Used to show the nearby players, report, settings and previous players.
  • [F9] - Used to disable chat.
  • [F11] - Used to disable nametags and the [TAB] menu.