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Last update: 21 Jul 2021 12:37 UTC
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If you are looking for the article on how to use the Event System, click here.
If you are looking for the article for rules, guidelines and information regarding the Event System, click here.

This article will explain how you can get your event featured on our Event System and VTC System, and the additional benefits it provides for your event. Featured events have a chance to appear on the TruckersMP home page and the main pages of the Event System & VTC System. In addition, your event will show up first when someone is searching for an event and has a star next to the name. Being featured is slightly different on each system, so this article will explain the difference between the two!

Which events are featured?

The following events are always automatically eligible to be featured on the Event System:

  • Events organised by our partners
  • Events organised by Community Contributors

If you are the organiser of an event directly related to a Verified VTC (such as a weekly or monthly convoy), you can also request for one event per month to be featured; for which you can contact the Community Management via the dedicated VTC Leader Discord.

Noticeable Community Events that do not meet one of the above criteria may also be chosen to be featured by Event Management or Community Management, if they have repeatedly been organised and run to a high standard, and are widely recognised by the community. Please note that getting these types of events featured cannot be requested, it is up to the discretion of the Event Management or Community Management to pick events.

Requirements for featured events

Any event that is featured will need to adhere to the following guidelines;

  • Event details such as date & time, event start & finish location and information boxes correctly & appropriately filled out.
  • An appropriate banner measuring 1920x500 pixels in size.
  • *A minimum of 50 sign-ups for previously meritorious events in a series, or 100 sign-ups for new events. “Unsure” responses do not count.

*Does not apply to Partner, Community Contributor and Verified VTC events.

On the VTC System, you will notice the Upcoming Events Section, which shows a different set of events. At random, 5 events from any Verified VTC will be chosen to appear on this slider and they do not need to be featured on the Event System to be chosen for selection.


The featured status of an event can be revoked at any time by Event Management or Community Management if requirements are no longer met, or if the event becomes unsuitable to feature. This applies regardless of applicability for the featured status.


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