Bans from the Report & Appeal System

Last update: 05 Sep 2021 14:54 UTC
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General Information

Each user is expected to follow the rules and guidelines set by the Game Moderation Management. Misusing our systems for their intended purposes may very well result in the removal of your rights. This article is designed to help you with what steps to take next if you have received a ban as described.

We suggest using this ban period to remind yourself of our rules regarding reporting users §1.4 to ensure such incidents and offences are not repeated in the future, as this could lead to more bans being received. When a user agrees to the TruckersMP Rules, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service, it’s expected that they understand the rules of the service. Bans of this type are given in an effort to help you learn and improve from your own actions.

Bans from the Appeal System

A ban from the ban appeal system generally results after one of the following happens

  • Insulting/Racism in appeals
  • Misusing the ban appeal system for its intended purpose

Bans from the Report System

A ban from the report system generally results after one of the following happens

  • Severe or continuous breaches of rule §1.4
  • Banned due to rule §1.2

What to do when you've been banned

Report System
The ban from the report system will last 30 days from the date it was placed. When the time comes you will be required to create a feedback ticket to request an unban in order to get your rights manually reinstated. However, if this is not your first time receiving a ban from the report system, then it may very well result in a permanent ban, though this can be situational and you will need to contact the Game Moderation Management to verify that.

Appeal System
Each ban can be appealed up to two times to prevent users from appealing their ban repeatedly for no real reason. In addition, your access to the appeal system can be revoked at any time if you meet the above-mentioned criteria. A ban from the ban appeal system is usually permanent.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I use the 0-cam feature?
The 0-cam feature can be used as long as it's not used to look for users violating the rules. If you're involved in an accident and the perpetrator is outside your field of view, then you are allowed to use it.

Why is my report score not increasing?
This is likely due to your reports containing evidence that takes place in busy areas of the map, such as the C-D road or Kirkenes. These reports are rated as neutral, even if accepted, to prevent people from driving up and down busy roads with the sole purpose of recording and reporting other users, resulting in a clogged report system. The point of our game is to let users enjoy all roads around the map. You are more likely to increase your report score by driving in areas that aren't heavily populated.