FAQ & INFO Regarding Bans, Reports, Appeals, Kicks and GMM Feedback Tickets

Game Moderation

This article covers everything that is related to Game Moderation. Please read through each section if you have any questions or complaints that you wish to make.

TruckersMP Ranks


Many of you are probably interested in our staff structure, who is responsible for what and what goes on behind the scenes. You can read the information regarding the structure of TruckersMP on this topic where every rank will be explained in more detail.

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Getting Started

In this article, you can find information about our feedback system.

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Virtual Trucking Companies

You can set permissions to certain members of your VTC on our site! Check out this guide showing you what permissions there are!

How to get validated or verified

Virtual Trucking Companies

TruckersMP's system of virtual trucking companies promotes validated and verified companies. Find here how to apply for the validated and verified status!

How to manage recruitment and blacklist

Virtual Trucking Companies

This is a guide on how to manage the recruitment and blacklist for your VTC!

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Joining the Official Discord server


A guide on how to join the TruckersMP Official Discord server.

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Profile Awards


During various official TruckersMP events and competitions, we often offer Awards. This article displays all of our Awards, and how they're earned!

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Official TruckersMP Rules

Getting Started

Here you will find the TruckersMP Rules in English.

Rules Changelog


Stay up to date with all updates to the TruckersMP rules. This is a full changelog of all edits.

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