How to get Validated or Verified

Virtual Trucking Companies

TruckersMP's VTC system promotes Validated and Verified companies. Find here how to apply for the Validated and Verified status!

Rules Changelog


Stay up to date with all updates to the TruckersMP rules. This is a full changelog of all edits.

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  • Last update: 28 Aug 16:50 UTC

Claiming Patreon Rewards


Common solutions regarding problems with Patreon rewards.

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  • Last update: 07 Aug 14:24 UTC

Changing account information


Changing your TruckersMP username, email, and password by following the steps below.

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Punishment history colours


Bans have specific colours next to them. Read the guide to see which colour means what.

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  • Last update: 12 Jul 15:41 UTC

Issues with registering games or signing up

Technical Issues

This guide will help you if you're unable to link your games or sign up to TruckersMP.

Официални правила на TruckersMP

Getting Started

Тук ще намерите превода на официалните правила на TruckersMP на Български.

Oficjalne Zasady TruckersMP

Getting Started

Znajdziesz tutaj tłumaczenie Oficjalnych Zasad TruckersMP na język polski.

(KB:239) Deltagelse i officielt offentlig Discord Guild


En guide til, hvordan man slutter sig til TruckersMP's officielle discord guild.

(KB: 552) Galleri

Virtual Trucking Companies

Dette er en guide om udstationering af billeder i VTC Galleries.