Alternating Vehicles - FAQ

Last update: 26 Jul 2021 15:48 UTC
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Alternating Vehicles

Alternating Vehicles - FAQ

With the recent release of the first group of alternating vehicles, we are aware of the multitude of questions the community have about these vehicles, the way they will work and how to obtain them. This article aims to clear up any confusion and provide honest answers to those questions.

European dealerships only?

Correct, dealerships located in the United Kingdom and other right-hand drive countries in ProMods will not show the alternating vehicles and you will not be able to purchase them from these locations. This is due to most vehicles being left-hand drive only as a result of their design by SCS Software and consequently not appearing in showrooms where right-hand drive vehicles are the default. We have considered ways around this however it would be a large task to also offer right-hand drive versions of all the vehicles and we consider it a minor limitation that the United Kingdom and right-hand drive countries do not offer these vehicles considering this is a minority of dealerships. In the future, if vehicles are available with both RHD and LHD options, we will potentially be able to implement both.

Why default interiors?

This is one of the biggest things we’ve noticed the community asking about and would like to give as truthful of an answer as we can. Converting these vehicles and getting them into the working, driveable stage they are now is a long task and takes a lot of work, especially considering the sheer volume of vehicles that have been made available for the future. Creating custom interiors for each is simply not viable as they are one of the hardest things to model in the game when done right, and would require an extraordinary amount of work from our Add-On Team. Considering each vehicle is only available for 4 weeks, we believe the existing Scout and truck interiors are more than acceptable. Other unique features such as custom engine physics and sounds are some of the things packed into these vehicles.

I can’t change the colour of the paint?

Usually, you can change the color of the vehicle. Some vehicles might only be available in one colour and cannot be painted as was anticipated previously. This is due to the model itself not supporting custom paints and therefore coming as a single colour as we are not able to modify SCS models, so we cannot offer a paintable version.

Only Euro Truck Simulator 2?

Yes, these vehicles are only available for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and cannot be used on American Truck Simulator. The models and information for these vehicles are contained within the respective game’s files, so we cannot simply port the vehicles over as it would require a lot of conversion work that we do not feel is necessary at the current time. In the future we may consider adding vehicles for American Truck Simulator (these would be unique to ATS) as well as those for ETS2, however as we are only in an early stage of this project; the vehicles are for Euro Truck Simulator 2 only.

I am a Patron but cannot use the Patron vehicle?

The Patron-exclusive vehicle is only available for Patrons subscribed to the Tier 3 - Master Trucker pledge level. This is because this is the pledge level that unlocks the various other in-game benefits such as the Patron coloured floating name, and gold coin. The Patron vehicle is another in-game benefit so is therefore restricted to Tier 3 memberships to remain in-line with the benefits listed on our Patreon page. Using the Patreon vehicle without an active, connected Tier 3 membership will result in an autokick from the server.

If you are a Master Trucker and still can’t see the Patreon vehicle in-game, please check this article or head over to our Discord guild for help.

There’s a steering wheel underneath my vehicle?

You may see a strange steering wheel / column underneath the vehicle when you look at them in various menus in-game. If you pause your game while driving one or go to the dealership for example, you will see this. There is very little we can do about this appearing in the menus because the vehicles are based on the Scout and due to limitations regarding us directly editing the vehicle models, we cannot fix this. The bug does not appear in-game when you are driving and does not affect the performance of the vehicles at all. Considering it only appears in the menu, this is a minor thing as the vehicles are unaffected.

Can I take passengers?

These new vehicles are similar to the current Scout in that they are to be driven only, you're not able to take jobs with them or use them to take passengers. Creating compatible jobs would be very difficult as deliveries within the game are designed entirely around collecting trailers and since you wouldn't do that with some types of vehicles, it would be hard to implement. These new vehicles were not added with the intention of creating a new way of doing cargo deliveries in-game, but rather as new vehicles to drive and enjoy.

If you have other questions, feel free to head on over to our Discord server and ask in the #support channel - a member of the community or our staff team will be happy to help you.

We appreciate as much feedback as we can get about this project, feel free to make a feedback ticket to the Community Management over on the feedback system.

Enjoy the vehicles!



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