How to become a Game Moderator?

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How to become a Game Moderator?

"How to become a Game Moderator?", this is a question you might have been thinking about. This article will contain an answer to that question and some general information that might interest you.

First of all, being a Game Moderator isn't just about driving a police car. A few of you might be reading this article solely to find out how to drive a police car. This version of the car is only reserved for staff members with game moderator permissions such as our game moderators, Game Moderator Leaders / Trainers, the Management and our Developers. Driving a police car is not the main purpose of a Game Moderator (We will use "GM" as an abbreviation in this article). It's only an additional perk of the rank.

The duties of a GM are not just flying over the map and randomly kicking or banning users. The rank of a GM comes with a great responsibility. A GM deals with various duties on our website and in-game, including..

  • reports
  • reports
  • ..ban appeals
  • ..judging what is right and wrong. Every GM is chosen with great care to ensure maximum quality.

As of January 2018, there are open GM recruitments. As you may have noticed, GM's are mostly selected from within our current team. To be specific, you need to join our team as another rank in order to get selected for a promotion to GM. Not everyone gets the promotion, there are various of reasons why they are not selected. If you join the team with the aim of being a GM, you are most likely to fail that. We want people to join our team with a big interest in their section of which they applied for. If you are doing well, a Game Moderation Manager might notice you and offer you a promotion if they are needing more GM's. It's your choice to accept or decline that if you prefer to remain in your current sub-team.

Here is a summary for the two different paths you could walk to become a GM:

  • Step 1 - Join the team as another rank
  • Step 2 - Work hard, do your duties as you are supposed to and be nice
  • Step 3 - Offer by GMM to join GM on a trial period.

The second option is the following:

  • Step 1 - Make sure you have no bans, good forum activity and good behaviour
  • Step 2 - Once GM recruitment opens, apply to join and make sure you fill your application out with good detail.
  • Step 3 - Invite to an interview, chat with GMMs
  • Step 4 - Training period with both GMMs and GMTs.
  • Step 5 - Trial Period of 2 months.

Tips and advices

  • Never ask to become a GM, this decreases your chances to become one.
  • Don't contact anyone about your candidacy for a position as GM.
  • Don't join the team with the sole aim of being a GM, you will most likely fail to achieve this then.
  • Don't ask when other recruitments will open.
  • Do your best if you are selected for another role in the team, do your duties and get noticed in a good way.
  • Practise your skills of the English language, this will be your main language as GM.
  • Obey all rules on the forums and in-game, having a ban or warning point decreases your chances.
  • Be active on our forums, get known in our community and give others a positive impression about yourself.

Some related questions

Do I need to have both ETS2 and ATS if I would be a GM?

A: No, we recommend you do but this is not a requirement.

Is being friends with other staff members giving me an advantage?

A: No, we select new GM's based on their activity, behaviour and skills. Everyone has an equal chance of being selected.

I'm not really interested in the forums, can I skip being a moderator first?

A: No, we require you to participate in discussions and the community. It is important to know how our community works if you want to be on the TruckersMP team.

I'm never chosen in a recruitment, what can I do?

A: Not much, free spots on our team are limited and many are interested in it. Try to improve and try again during another recruitment session.

I speak {language}, there are no other GM's who speak this language. Can I become GM right away?

A: No, you still need to follow all steps involved. We are not giving someone the GM rank for the language only.

I have a question that is not mentioned here, who should I contact?

A: Send your question via feedback ticket. We will try to answer your question as soon as possible. You can find an article about the feedback system here

You can send an application in our recruitment system. However, please remember that we have various of requirements.