How to apply and become a Game Moderator

Last update: 02 Mar 2021 12:00 UTC
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A Game Moderator works as part of our team, is trained by the Game Moderation Trainers, supervised by Game Moderation Leaders, and led by the Game Moderation Management. The Game Moderation team is responsible for ensuring that there is a nice, friendly atmosphere on our game servers, and rule enforcement in the form of punishments issued to those who breach our rules. Game Moderators also interact with the player base on a daily basis.

The role consists mostly of intervening early on with players and making them aware of the consequences of not following the rules, so they can avoid more severe punishments. To maintain a nice atmosphere in the game, Game Moderators have a few tools at their disposal, such as unlimited dev-cam range, police car access, and a state of the art 'Admin Panel' through which Moderators have access to different pieces of information, commands, tools, and reports helping them with their duties.

➥ Core Requirements


A good understanding of English. You need to be able to understand others and others to understand you;
  • Preferably fluent English here, but a strong ability to speak, write, and understand English would suffice. You must demonstrate this partly within your application.
Registered on the TruckersMP website for at least 1 year and on the Forum for at least six months;
  • A certain amount of experience is required of course, as without that experience, you will not have the game knowledge required to be a member of the TruckersMP staff team.
Showing activity on the TruckersMP services;
  • Involvement within our community would benefit you in your application and goals to join the TruckersMP staff team. This includes game servers, forums, and official Discord.
Be active within all of the above for at least two months before the recruitment was created;
  • We like to see that you enjoy playing on our servers too, and can show that you are active not only so that you can become a staff member.
No forum or discord punishments in the past year - No more than 3 bans in the last 24 months;
  • A clean record is preferred, but certainly you will not be able to apply or succeed if you have recent bans/punishments issued on any of our platforms. You will be enforcing rules here, so it is important that you are able to follow them yourself before you are given the tools to enforce them.
Keen interest to learn and develop; high motivation; excellent communication;
  • We work as a team, and therefore communication is important, however, you must be highly motivated by success to succeed in the Game Moderation team for those times when you will be working following your own initiative.
You must have a good standing nature within the community;
  • A strong reputation within TruckersMP is beneficial, and can come in the form of involvement in community events and platforms.
You are responsible, professional and are resilient to critique;
  • You are the face of the TruckersMP staff team in many ways as a member of the Game Moderation team, you must therefore show professionalism, while also responding well to feedback both internally and externally, as this is used to improve on ones work.
Strong decision-making and problem-solving skills, ability to make authoritative and impacting decisions quickly;
  • Difficult and impacting decisions are a big part of your role in the Game Moderation team, so it’s important that when you have the knowledge to do so, you also have the confidence and skills to carry out those decisions and choices.
You are knowledgeable about the game and can provide tips to other players about the game and help with questions or issues;
  • Being a role that is very user-facing, you will be communicating with users on a daily basis, so a strong knowledge of the game, common issues, and certain areas to provide tips on will benefit you in this role.
Have a deep knowledge and understanding of TruckersMP and its rules including European and American road laws;
  • As well as having the proven skills to follow the TruckersMP rules, you must also be aware of EU/NA road law, as these are also the laws you’ll be enforcing.
Familiar with the game's mechanics;
  • Certain aspects of the role will require you to be quite methodical and technically-minded, so it is important that you have an understanding of a certain amount of the base-game inner-workings.
Must be active in-game;
  • A lot of your work will take place in-game, so you must be able to demonstrate that you have been active in-game over extended periods of time.
Ability to reach the activity requirements.
  • A good amount of availability is required in order to meet deadlines and succeed in the Game Moderation team. As an example, only being available on weekends is not compatible with this role.

Desired Traits

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Multitasking skills;
  • Strong knowledge of the game, it’s mechanics, rules, and community;
  • Patience and ability to remain calm in challenging situations;
  • Ability to quickly adapt to changes.

➥ Tips


Be active before the recruitment is announced.
  • We cannot stress how important it is to be active within the game to be considered for the Game Moderator role. As a Game Moderator, your main duty is to enforce the rules across all servers and handling game related matters such as reports, heated discussions, rule breakers and so on. The likelihood of your application being rejected is relatively high if your activity just skyrocketed after the recruitment was launched.
Participate in discussions.
  • We require every single applicant to be active on our platforms. Whether that is on Discord, in-game or on the forum; the choice is yours. Community interaction is very important as you'll speak to members of the community as a Game Moderator.
Spell checking.
  • Make sure you check the spelling on your application. We understand that English isn’t everyone’s first language, but please try to make sure your sentences make sense. There are helpful tools or extensions that may help correct common grammar mistakes.
Make your application unique to you.
  • Your application is supposed to be a reflection of who you are. We know that you all have relevant skills, experiences and personality traits that make you unique compared to other applicants, and we want to see those reflected in your application.
Be honest in your application.
  • Honesty goes a long way, and it's better to tell us rather than having us find out about potential issues that may hinder your chances of becoming a team member. If there's something that you think could hinder your chances, even in the slightest, then it's best to list it in your application. If you’re applying for the Game Moderator role then you are clearly passionate about the project, don’t focus so much on trying to say the right thing.

➥ Frequently Asked Questions


Is it necessary to have a lot of in-game hours, or is it all in my application quality?

Applicants are heavily judged based on application quality and responses to questions and scenarios, though in-game hours may affect the outcome, to prove experience in the game as you need to be well aware of the game and it's mechanics.

What should I consider before applying for the Game Moderator role?

Read through the article to ensure you are well-informed about the role, requirements, expectations and tips provided by the Game Moderation Management.
Do you currently have enough time to actively engage with the role? Please note that we have activity requirements.
Think about your strengths and how they match up with the desired traits above.

What do you look for in an application?

Your application is your chance to show us why you are suited for the Game Moderator role, so use it to show us any relevant experience that you have. The applications that are great to read are those that show flair, personality and those that can clearly show that they would excel in the role. Avoid writing a block of text and keep your responses sharp and precise. That means you should avoid long paragraphs and big blocks of text. Use bullet points and keep your sentences concise.

How old do I have to be to apply?

The minimum age requirement is 16 for any role here. Anything below is subject to immediate rejection.

What happens after I submit my application? How long does it take to get a response?

Once we receive your application, a Game Moderation Manager will review it to determine if all required qualifications and core requirements are met. If the application meets the stated minimum requirements, it will be sent for further consideration. While we do not discourage applicants from contacting us with questions, we assure you that if you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted by a Game Moderation Manager to make the appropriate arrangements. The Game Moderator role is the most-wanted and most-popular role here at TruckersMP. Due to other things going on, it may take some time to review your application. Patience is key! We'll get to your application eventually.

Does it matter how many times I have applied?

Not necessarily. You are free to apply as many times as you like, but if you have submitted a large number of applications and haven't been considered, we would recommend taking the time to re-evaluate your application and try to change it to better align with our guidelines or spend time working on a good application. Applications that are rushed are likely to be rejected, so take your time and don't rush.

I have been banned before. Will that lower my chances of being accepted?

Your reputation and prior ban history will have an impact on your application, seeing as staff members are intended to be examples for the community. If you have a recent history of breaking rules or behaving inappropriately, then chances are low that you will be considered. However, we don’t instantly decline applications because they have had past problems. If they are honest and can prove that they have matured since it happened, we may decide to overlook past punishments.