VTC System: What is a VTC?

Last update: 14 Jul 2019 16:12 UTC
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What is a VTC?

The term, "VTC" is an acronym for Virtual Trucking Company. But what exactly is a "Virtual Trucking Company?"

Well, that's what we're going to go over in this article!

Overview of a VTC

VTC's are a roleplay concept developed by the community to add to the virtual trucking experience.

They have been around since the beginning of TruckersMP, and probably before that, too.

There are hundreds of VTC's nowadays, but back when the concept first started out, there was only a handful.

Some of which include;


In later years, around the 2015-2016 area, more VTC's formed such as EHHVTC, and the rebrand of TSRVTC.

How a VTC works

VTC's are very much per-company, in the way they are run.

It all depends on the management of said company, and how they want to be presented as a virtual company.

Most commonly, VTC's have a set paint which is easily recognizable as that VTC, for example:

Example 1

Example 2

They tend to keep to a color theme across all of their branding, whether that be a website, or logo.

Speaking of websites and logos, almost all VTC's have a website, which you can find more information on, meet the team, view some photos of their fleet and even apply to join!

Depending on the VTC's chosen method of recruitment, you may apply through their own system, or use the TruckersMP VTC System