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We are happy to see that you are interested in sharing our modification with your community. At TruckersMP, we appreciate our streamers and we understand how difficult it can be sometimes to run and manage your own community. This knowledge base article might answer some of your questions and prepare you for your first TruckersMP stream.


  • What is TruckersMP?
  • Advice for streamers
  • Organizing an event for your community
  • Official events
  • Moderation
  • Join us as a Community Contributor

What is TruckersMP?

TruckersMP is a community-made multiplayer modification for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. TruckersMP is free for everyone who owns one of the above games on Steam.
On our MMO servers, you can drive wherever you want - alone, with other streamers, or your community. We support almost every DLC for ETS2 and ATS (find out more).

Advice for streamers

Streaming TruckersMP with many viewers can have its risks. Any of your viewers who also own the game can join the same server as you and find you. While this can be very nice for community interaction, some may abuse it.
Our Simulation servers have collisions between players. This means if a troll wants to ram you, they can. You might need to teleport to a service station, load a save, or even cancel your current job.
Ramming other users is against our rules but we can not offer live moderation or special treatment for streamers, unfortunately. If you get trolled often, we recommend you stop playing on “Simulation” servers.
Therefore, we also offer Arcade servers as an alternative to our “Simulation” servers that remove a few of our driving-based rules and have no collisions between users.

The CB radio is a method of communication on our servers and by using the ‘X’ key you can talk to others on a specified channel. Please note that any insulting or profanity can be heard on stream if enabled and you should be careful when using the CB radio. You can also turn the CB radio off by either interacting with the radio itself or using “/channel 0” in the in-game chat, to avoid inappropriate language, music, or just random conversations being heard on your livestream. We recommend you turn off the CB radio in busy areas, or switch to a quieter channel

Organizing an event for your community

We understand that, for streamers, being able to hold events for your community to get involved in can be key to offering a chance for interaction and engagement. Therefore you can use our Event System to organize and publish events for your community to sign up to. Furthermore, if you can gain a relative amount of sign-ups, you can then use the events page you create to hopefully gain an event server (find out more). This would give you a server for an allotted time period to run your event and allow your community to come together as one for an event you planned and organized.
If you just want to go for a drive with your community, you can do so without the need of an Event Server. From our experience, we recommend you to use a less-populated server or even an Arcade server if you expect more than 30 players as it can get busy quickly.

Official Events

The TruckersMP Event Team helps organize a series of official events for users to join in on. This can vary from convoys to larger-scale events such as Real Operations. Our official events are announced to the community via social media and on our website so that the information is available beforehand, you can also discuss the upcoming event on our Discord server. We welcome streamers to come along to our official events and stream them for their communities to enjoy! You will experience a wide variety of routes, all provided to you thanks to our Event Team. It is a great opportunity to see other users around and experience one of the many things TruckersMP has to offer.

If you have any questions regarding official events, please contact Event Management via the feedback system.
However, if you have a lot of time and would like to showcase hundreds of players leaving a city, you are more than welcome to wait. Our official events usually do not have a specific leaving order.


TruckersMP is moderated by a team of volunteers recognizable by a red name in the chat in-game. It is not possible to book or request a Game Moderator for your stream. Whilst playing on the TruckersMP network, you will likely come across users who may be violating the rules at certain points in time. Whilst you are live streaming, the way in which you report a user is no different and you may use the appropriate systems in place to report the offenders.
Just because you are livestreaming does not mean you are not exempt from our rules, no matter how many viewers and/or followers you have. While you are livestreaming, other players may want to join you in a convoy; It is worth mentioning that while you are streaming and encouraging your viewers to join, you are guiding your convoy/followers into a populated area on one of our “Simulation” servers that rule “§2.6 - Inappropriate Convoy Management / Car Abuse” applies. This rule specifies that you are not permitted to take a convoy into highly populated areas intentionally. This can include (but is not limited to) Calais, Duisburg, Calais-Duisburg road, or surrounding areas. Our staff team might ask you to leave the area with your convoy. You can recognize them by a red name in the in-game chat.

Join us as a Community Contributor

TruckersMP also hosts a Community Contributor program which could be something you are interested in finding out more about if you are streaming TruckersMP regularly. You can do so here.

Helpful resources:

If you still have questions regarding TruckersMP, you can contact Community Management here.

Thanks for your interest!



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