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Last update: 19 Dec 2023 19:37 UTC
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From time to time we have to make changes to the official TruckersMP rules. Some existing rules may need removing, some rules may need to be added and some rules might need minor tweaks to improve clarity. Whilst the most recent changes always appear at the top of the TruckersMP Rules page, the details and reasons behind the changes are not always clear. Consequently, we have created this article to log rule updates in more detail, allowing us to be as transparent as possible with the community regarding why a change has been made.

If you have any questions about the TruckersMP rules, feel free to contact us via the feedback system for clarification.

December 2023

Minor Changes

  • §1.4 - Change: removed ambiguity regarding how long evidence needs to be available for §2.1 and §3 bans. Removed redundant rule regarding bans for inappropriate language.
  • §3 - Change: removed redundant content already covered by the auto-kick.
  • §3 - Addition: having clipping or floating trailers and/or missing essential components (wheels, lights, etc.) is not allowed. Reworded the rule on 19th December for improved clarity. Covers only trailers and not their loads.
  • §5.3 - Addition: evidence must be requested within the period of the ban being active, meaning the user can't join the servers, through the appeal system.
  • §5.3 - Change: improved wording.

Major Changes

  • §2.1 - Change: TruckersMP reserves the right to apply permanent bans or 6 months bans on a case basis.
  • §3 - Addition: AI vehicle parts are blocked server-side to prevent synchronization issues.

October 2023

Minor Changes

  • §1.4 - Change: evidence you provide us in web reports must be available for three months, except for reports for Hacking, Bug Abusing or Cheating, which must remain available permanently. Furthermore we have now made clear that reports where the perpetrator's name are not visible might be rejected (for example due to very low quality evidence).

September 2023

Minor Changes

  • §1.4 - Change: lowered time to send in a report on the website from fourteen to seven days.
  • §2.4 and §2.5 - removed ambiguous terms. Allowed racing on all in-game racetracks, dragstrips or testing grounds.
  • §3 - Addition: now it's clearly forbidden to mix truck parts on cars and buses.
  • §5.1 - Addition: Included ban evading checks.

February 2023

Rework of §1.2 - Ban Evading

After consultation, it was decided to modify how ban evading is handled. We understand that behaviour of players can change over time, so we want to give those that have made mistakes in the past another chance to join others on TruckersMP. Ban evading will no longer result in being permanently banned from our network, except in certain circumstances, and those that have been previously banned will retrospectively have their bans modified where appropriate to reflect this.

Redefining a line in §2.1 - Hacking/Bug/Feature abusing

"Bypassing the server-sided auto kick system via save editing" has been changed to "Bypassing the server-sided auto kick system". Bypassing the system is not condoned in general, and is not just restricted to doing it via save editing. The triggers for the auto kicks are listed in §5.1.

November 2022

Rework of §2.7 - Event Servers

In anticipation of a future event-related "Featured Zone" initiative, the entirety of §2.7 has been reworked. A Featured Zone is an area on any server with heightened staff presence altering local road conditions and conducting live operations. These local and temporal alterations may overrule the global rules during the presence of the zone, and are therefore reflected in the rules.

Minor Changes

  • §1.4 - Clarification:
    • Evidence of inappropriate use of language in the in-game chat must not only be open but also unedited.
    • Reports containing footage recorded by using the continuous freecam (also known as the "dev cam") are eligible, unless the report is only based on such footage.
    • In order to avoid confusion about when the eligibility of evidence expires, we reworded the rule. Evidence is eligible as long as incidents are reported to us within 14 days of its occurrence. Example: if an incident occurred on the 1st, then the report must be filed no later than the 15th for it to be taken into consideration by our team.
  • §2 - Addition: reflect local lane closures represented by smart signs in the rules.
  • §2.5 - Addition: speeding up in an attempt to prevent a user from overtaking is not allowed.
  • §5.1 - Rectification: modified trailer combination can contain up to 6 parts in ATS, rather than 5 parts.

May 2022

Rework of §2.8 - How bans are issued

After consideration, it was decided to remove permanent bans due to §2.8. We understand that people's behaviour and attitudes towards rules can change over time, so we want to give those who have made mistakes in the past another chance to drive on TruckersMP. Therefore, when a user has 5 active bans, they will now be banned for 90 days, rather than permanently. This gives players enough time to understand their mistake was serious, but also provides an opportunity for them to learn from the incident.

If you were permanently banned within the last 90 days, your ban will be modified to expire 90 days from the day it was issued. Any permanent §2.8 bans older than 90 days have been disabled, and therefore these users will be able to return to TruckersMP immediately.

Minor Changes

  • §1.4, §2.4 - Reworded for clarity
  • §2.2 - Renamed from 'Ramming' to 'Collisions' and reworded for clarity.
  • §5.3 - It is now not possible to contact any member of TruckersMP Staff about a report that was handled over fourteen days ago.

July 2021

No double/triple trailer zone in Kirkenes (ProMods)

After many complications with traffic in the Kirkenes quarry and surrounding areas the decision was made to restrict the use of double and triple trailers to everywhere but the Kirkenes area. We hope that this could help decrease the traffic in this area and make it slightly easier to commute. Currently there are no plans to extend this to other areas, such as the C-D road.
Only the quarry road itself is affected, you may see a warning in the ingame chat informing you about the area when close.
zone map

Convoys in highly populated areas

You may remember that the definition of highly populated areas was mentioned in rule §2.4, but this has now been moved to rule §2 to make this easier to understand. It is now clearly stated when areas are considered "highly populated". In addition, convoy restrictions were mentioned in rule §2.6, but they were rather vague. We have improved the definition of what is considered a convoy and have established areas in which convoys are prohibited.
We would like to highlight that this is not in an attempt to restrict convoys even more, as nothing has really changed, it is just now much easier to understand now. Please also note that you can now organise convoys to and from any area, with the sole exception of those mentioned in rule §2.6 when they are highly populated.

Minor Changes

  • §2.4 & §5.2 - Reworded for clarity.
  • §5.1 - Added double/triple trailers.
  • §5.3 - Highlights the use of the appeal system.

May 2021

Rework of §1.5 - Inappropriate use of language, communication and impersonation of any kind

Over the past years, rule §1.5 has become one of the largest rules and has been revised multiple times with different content and formats. With this update, we want to make it easier for everyone to understand what this rule is about.
Therefore, we have split §1.5 into three rules:

  • §1.5 - Inappropriate use of language
  • §1.6 - Impersonation of any kind
  • §1.7 - Inappropriate content

As a result of this change, rules §1.6 - Law and piracy, §1.7 - Backseat moderation, §1.8 - Incitement and §1.9 - Ambiguity have been changed to §1.8, §1.9, §1.10 and §1.11 respectively.

Flashing and blinking images/GIFs

GIFs are popular in Virtual Trucking Company information fields and profile bios. They can be a nice addition but can easily be abused.
People with photosensitive epilepsy or similar might be affected and therefore, we must limit the use of such content.
With this rule update, we restricted the use of GIFs to non-flashing/non-blinking content service-wide (§1.7). Whether or not a GIF counts as flashing/blinking is at the discretion of TruckersMP Staff. Now that this is a service-wide rule, we removed it from the forum rules (§4.2).

Changes to reporting on the website

The web report system is one of our most popular website features and with each update we try and improve accessibility to make your experience as optimized as possible. Our rule §1.4 - Reporting users covers the most important guidelines to follow when using the web report system. We have rewritten parts of it to make it easier to understand.
To improve the efficiency of our moderation staff’s workflow, web reports with evidence longer than 2 minutes must include a timestamp of the offense, a change from the previous 5 minutes.

Minor changes

  • §2 - Clarified that “road rules” (rules marked with an asterisk (*)) do not apply in No Collision Zones
  • §4.1 - Clarified that the max file size of images does not include externally hosted files
  • §4.5 - Moved the forum punishment system from a forum post to our rules
  • §5.1 - Auto kick for headlights adjusted to 21:00 (9 PM) - 05:00 (5 AM)
  • §2.6, §2.8, §3, §4, §4.3, §5.4, §5.7 - Altered to be grammatically correct

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