How to use the Truck Delivery Dispatcher?

Last update: 29 Aug 2022 20:44 UTC
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One great and exclusive feature available on TruckersMP is our Truck Delivery Dispatcher. It allows you to create your own jobs directly within TruckersMP, meaning there are no difficult processes - all you have to do is configure the job to your liking and start delivering! You don’t even have to tab out of the game, or mess about having to load saves. This knowledge base article gives you all the information regarding the Truck Delivery Dispatcher, including the options available to you and how to share your job with other players.

How do I use the Truck Delivery Dispatcher?

Using the Truck Delivery Dispatcher is as simple as pressing TAB and then clicking on the dispatcher icon . You should then see a window appear similar to the one below, which allows you to customise your job in different ways and also preview the trailer that you will be taking.

As you can see there are a number of configurable options here, such as the source city and company. Please note that this will only display a list of cities that have been discovered by you! Across from this, you will see that you are also able to select a destination city and company to take your delivery to. It is worth noting that as well as using the drop down menu, you can also type into these fields in order to find your desired selection faster, as seen below!

Underneath both these options, you are able to press a button to view a map of the location you have selected, which will show the company selected. This is particularly useful in the case that there is more than one company in the city with the same name!

In the next group of options, you will find another dropdown menu where you can choose your cargo. Once again, you are also able to type in this field if you wish. For those who want a realistic experience, you can optionally select for the Truck Delivery Dispatcher to only display cargo that is compatible between companies (loads that would be generated by the game between companies). To the right of this, you can select the trailer that you would like to use. With the latest update to the Truck Delivery Dispatcher, you also have the option to select your currently attached owned trailer to transport cargo! Again, for a realistic experience, you can request that the Truck Delivery Dispatcher only displays trailer options that fit within the regulations of the source and destination country. Finally, you can also press ‘Preview Trailer’ in order to see an image of the trailer you will be taking!

Finally, underneath this you can select the ‘urgency’ of your delivery. This will dictate how long you have to deliver your cargo.

Beyond this there are two more toggleable buttons, which are quite self-explanatory. Please note that if you wish to take a job immediately, you need to be within 400 metres of the company! If you are further away, you can choose to navigate to the source company and your GPS will then be updated to guide you to the location where your cargo is waiting.

Custom Privacy Options

Included with the Truck Delivery Dispatcher are custom privacy settings to suit your needs, which can be seen below.

Private - Nobody can copy your active job, meaning that you have to share the job with that player to take the same cargo.

Steam Only - Anyone on your steam friends list can copy your active job.

Public - Anyone can copy your active job.

How can I share a job?

To share a job with another player, you can right click on their name in the Tab Menu, and select ‘Share Current Job’.

Alternatively, you can copy another player’s job by once again right-clicking on their name, and instead selecting ‘Copy Current Job’. This will of course be dependent on their privacy settings. One great part of this feature is that even if the other player is using an ownable trailer, you will be able to copy their trailer exactly!


When another player shares a job with you, you will be presented with a message where you can accept or decline the job via the chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are owned trailers supported?

Yes! In our most recent update to the Truck Delivery Dispatcher, one of the features we added was the ability to generate a custom job to take in your own trailer.

Is this available for both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator?

Yes! The Truck Delivery Dispatcher supports both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator.

How does this work with DLCs?

If you do not have a certain DLC, such as the Heavy Cargo Pack, then the cargos and trailers from this DLC will not be accessible to you. Equally, if you own the DLC, then everything will be available for you to use! When taking a job shared by another player, you will not be able to copy their trailer if they have used a DLC that you do not own.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding this feature, do not hesitate to contact Community Management through the feedback system!