Last update: 10 Nov 2020 18:58 UTC
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Hello Truckers!

First and foremost, what is the definition of “VTC”? VTC means Virtual Trucking Company and it works the same as companies from real life except this one is in the virtual space.

The point of the VTC and its “hired” drivers is to use your imagination to take you to a place where you feel like you are part of a truckers community. You’ll find a friendly environment there and probably even friends with which you can drive. If you’re driving alone and want to drive with “new” friends, don’t hesitate to apply for one of the VTCs.

What permissions can be granted?

There are numerous permissions that can be granted to the roles you have created within your VTC. These permissions will help to grant your staff and other members extra access to your virtual company, so you can make it unique and ranging from exploring news you share on your company's profile to preventing users you don't want to join with the blacklist system.

Examples of permissions:


By granting your members with the role “News”, you give them access to post the blog news or the announcements, which can be edited or deleted at any given time.


Members with the role “Recruitment” have access to the applications page, where they can decide whether the candidate is qualified enough to be accepted to the VTC.


By giving access to permission “Management” to a certain role, people with the given role can kick other members, manage other members or even manage the roles.


With “Blacklist” permissions, members can add other members from the VTC to the blacklist and restrict them joining once again unless they’re removed from that blacklist, which is another permission that this permission grants.

Gallery (Verified VTCs only)

People with these permissions are able to upload images to the VTC gallery, edit and delete them. The gallery is visible to everyone regardless of their role. Learn more about the VTC Gallery here.