VTC Rules

Last update: 24 Mar 2023 17:55 UTC
Short link to this article: https://truckersmp.com/kb/326

The following are the rules that must be followed when running and also being a member of a VTC that is registered on our website.


§1 - Rules to be followed by all VTC members

§2 - VTC event rules

§3 - VTC profiles

§1 - Rules to be followed by all VTC members

§1.1 - Follow all the official TruckersMP rules

As a VTC member, you must follow all the official TruckersMP rules including but not limited to:

  • Service-wide rules

  • Game only rules

  • Save editing rules

All TruckersMP rules can be found here: https://truckersmp.com/rules

§1.2 - VTC employees must respect other players

Regardless of what VTC a user is in, you should respect all players and not use insults.

If someone disrespects you or your VTC, don't retaliate and insult back. You should report the user using the report system.

§1.3 - All traffic rules must be followed

You can not break rules such as causing collisions or blocking roads to ensure you stay with your VTC during a drive or event on public servers.

If you do get separated from your VTC during an event or drive, you should make sure you follow all rules if you intend on trying to get back with them.

For example, if there is a truck between you and the rest of your VTC and you intend to drive with them again, you should ensure that:

  • It's safe to overtake
  • There's a suitable gap to merge into after the overtake
  • You follow all the rules without affecting other road users

§2 - VTC event rules

§2.1 - Inappropriate Convoy Management / Car Abuse

Convoys are expected to follow all TruckersMP rules without altering the normal traffic flow. Convoy pilots are not permitted to slow down, block, control traffic and act as a staff member or otherwise abuse the pilot scheme paint job. It's not permitted to organise a convoy in the following areas when highly populated: Kirkenes quarry (ProMods map), the Duisburg to Calais road, and in the cities of Calais and Duisburg. More than 5 players driving together is classed as a convoy.

§2.2 - VTC Events should not affect other users

Organising and conducting VTC events, such as convoys, should not interfere with other players.

If a VTC gets split up on a drive, individual users can try to get back with the VTC (ensuring that they follow all rules) or the VTC could pull over to wait for their drivers to catch up (only if it's safe to do so and not against the rules).

§2.3 - Having a VTC does not give you an advantage

Holding events on a common server does not give an advantage over other players and everyone has equal rights to use the roads on that server.

Ensure you follow all rules and give way to other users when appropriate to do so (such as give way signs and roundabouts)

§2.4 - Convoy movement must be safe

For example, if someone wants to overtake your convoy, then you should not prevent this and must create conditions for safe overtaking - provide space for the player so that he can return to his lane when danger arises.

§3 - VTC profiles

§3.1 - Only create a VTC if you have a VTC

If you do not have, or have no intention to make a Virtual Trucking Company, you are not permitted to create a VTC on our system.

§3.2 - Ensure VTC information & images are appropriate

All information boxes (including but not limited to; information, rules and requirements) & images are not allowed to use any insults. This can include but is not limited to racism, discrimination, discussing/expressing (extreme) political views, illegal or inappropriate situations. Profanity is also not allowed in these information boxes & images. All images used for logos and covers must also be SFW (safe for work).

The custom slug for your VTC must be similar to the name of your VTC (Verified VTCs only).

§3.3 - VTC owners do not have any more rights than a public player

VTC owners must abide by all TruckersMP rules. Most importantly they must follow the rule below: Impersonating other users, staff members, political figures, law enforcement, leaders and authorities of any kind or acting like someone who is more superior. This can be through the way you drive, use the voice chat, your avatar, your license/interior plates, username and/or your in-game tag. Avatars, usernames and in-game tags need to be appropriate and cannot contain offensive content in any way and are not exempted from light insults.

§3.4 - External links

Any links you attach to your VTC profile must be safe and not contain any malicious content. This malicious content can include but is not limited to: any reference related to drugs, other illegal substances, pornographic or sexual content or otherwise illicit matters.

§3.5 - You must not copy other VTCs

Do not create a VTC with the intention to copy/duplicate another company. The VTC you create must be your own.

§3.6 - Images must be your own

You must ensure that any images you use on your VTC profile must be copyright free and be of your own creation.

§3.7 - Inappropriate advertisement

You are not allowed to post advertisements about streams, events,... that are not related to TruckersMP, Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator. This applies to news posts on your VTC profile as well as VTC profile data.