Bug fix - "An application fatal error" - Windows 7 + DirectX 11

Technical Issues

In this guide you may find a temporary bug fix for the fatal error bug.

How to create a VTC

Virtual Trucking Companies

This is a guide on how to create a VTC on our dedicated website system!

VTC Rules

Virtual Trucking Companies

When creating a VTC on our website, there are some rules that you need to read and agree to! Take a read of this to find out what they are.

What is a VTC?

Virtual Trucking Companies

Do you want to know what a VTC is? Click here to find out the answer!

Why does the caravan not appear in the freight market?

Technical Issues

An explanation on why the caravan does not appear in the freight market.

(KB=328) VTC sistema: kas yra VTC?

Virtual Trucking Companies

Ar norite sužinoti, kas yra VTC? Norėdami sužinoti atsakymą, spustelėkite čia!


Getting Started

Installing TruckersMP is easy and free! It only takes a few minutes to complete your installation. The following installation guide will help you getting started with TruckersMP.

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How to report a user in-game

Game Moderation

A short guide to help you report a user via the in-game report system.