Supported DLCs by TruckersMP

Getting Started

A topic to show Supported DLCs by TruckersMP

Unsupported Game Version detected - How to downgrade your game

Technical Issues

A solution for the common problem "Unsupported Game Version detected"

VTC System: How to get validated or verified

Virtual Trucking Companies

TruckersMP's system of virtual trucking companies promotes validated and verified companies. Find here how to apply for the validated and verified rank!

How to report a user in-game

Reports & Bans

A short guide to help you report a user via the in-game report system.

How to Record In-game & Upload Evidence

Reports & Bans

This guide is to help users collect evidence and how to upload it.

VTC System: How to create a VTC

Virtual Trucking Companies

This is a guide on how to create a VTC on our dedicated website system!

VTC System: Permissions

Virtual Trucking Companies

You can set permissions to certain members of your VTC on our site! Check out this guide showing you what permissions there are!

Issues with registering games or signing up.

Technical Issues

This guide will help you if you're unable to link your games or sign up to TruckersMP.

VTC System: Rules

Virtual Trucking Companies

When creating a VTC on our website, there are some rules that you need to read and agree to! Take a read of this to find out what they are.

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