VTC System: How to get verified

Last update: 01 Sep 2019 15:13 UTC
Short link to this article: https://truckersmp.com/kb/325

Hello VTC leaders,

In this thread, you'll learn how you can get your Virtual Trucking Company verified. But why would you want your VTC to be verified? Verified companies have a chance to be featured on the VTC homepage on either the featured section or the cover, but to be featured, you'll need to have a suitable image (recommended size is 1920x350). In addition to that, a verified VTC will be shown first when someone is searching for a VTC.

How to get verified?

First and foremost your VTC MUST cover the basic requirements which are the following:

  • Your VTC MUST have at least 50 members.

  • Your VTC MUST contribute in a positive way to the community. This can be by organising public convoys and other public events, but not limited to these specific types.

  • Your VTC MUST be active, meaning your VTC must do recruitments, post news, participate in and organise events.

  • Your VTC MUST have at least 20 news posts on the VTC system of which 5 must not be older than 1 month.

  • Your VTC MUST organise at least 1 private convoy per month as well as organise or attend a public (player organised or TruckersMP official) event each month.

  • Your VTC MUST have a professional-looking website which is secure and compliant to GDPR and other privacy and data regulations. As such it must contain a properly written Terms of Service, Privacy policy and GDPR documentation.

  • Your VTC MUST have a professional logo and an appropriate slogan.

Your VTC website SHOULD contain at least 2 of the following things:

  • Homepage which says what the VTC is about.

  • A contact page with contact details such as Discord invite link, TeamSpeak or Slack. You could also use other communicating programs, but your page must contain at least one of the mentioned programs.

  • The rules which the VTC members have to follow on top of the normal TMP rules.

  • External links to social media.

Your VTC meets those requirements but what now?

You must create a feedback ticket with the category "VTC". You can create a feedback ticket here. Now press the blue button which contains the text "New Feedback". As mentioned before, in the category field, select "VTC" and then let us know about your Virtual Trucking Company, mention why your VTC should be verified and provide proof of your VTC meeting the requirements. The evidence of your VTC meeting the community contribution requirements of public and private events must contain dated evidence with screenshots and actual participants of your VTC during the event.

Our Community Managers will notify you in the reply whether your request has been accepted or not.


Verified status can be revoked at any time by TMP management when a condition is no longer met or by VTC actions that negatively impact the community. This also applies to Verified VTCs that don't meet requirements after an update to the requirements.