How to open a Support Ticket

Last update: 28 Dec 2021 12:31 UTC
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How to open a Support Ticket

TruckersMP has developed an own Support System. This guide will help you to open a Support Ticket if you encounter any problems while creating a ticket.

  • To open a new support ticket, head to our Support or click on "Guides & Support" on the home page

  • Click on "Create a Ticket"

The next step is to enter in all relevant informations. Below is a brief explanation of what each category is requesting. Please ensure you insert the correct information and fill out all fields as they are required.

Category: What is your issue regarding?

  • Account issues: Any issue regarding your TruckersMP account. This could include passwords, emails, 2-factor authentication or similar issues.
  • Technical issues: Any issues regarding your TruckersMP game. This could include TruckersMP Launcher issues, in-game issues (text/voice chat, server issues, etc.)
  • Questions: Any questions you may have regarding TruckersMP. This could be regarding our website, launcher, in-game related questions or similar.
  • Bug Report: Any bug you found in our services. This should be a TruckersMP bug. All bugs caused by the default game should get reported to SCS.


Language: What language is the support ticket in?

  • The language section is to allow the ticket to be responded in the language you are most comfortable speaking. If your language is not listed, select English and we will attempt to find an appropriate response to your issue.


Windows: What Windows version is your PC running?

  • Please note that we only support 64-bit systems. If you run 32-bit system, please upgrade or you will not be able to play TruckersMP. The Windows section is to let our Support team know what your PC specifications are, to perhaps narrow down what the issue could be. If you're unsure of what your Windows version is, find your Control Panel, then head to "System and Security" and then "System" where it will list your Windows Edition, as shown here:


Game: What game is the issue regarding?

  • The game section is asking if it is an issue regarding American Truck Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator, or both. If you are unsure what to select, select Euro Truck Simulator 2.
  • If you have an issue with the website (2FA problem, Bug, etc.), select Website


Priority: How urgent is your problem?

  • Low: I'm facing a problem/I've got a question/I've found a bug, but it's not needed to answer my ticket in the first place.
  • Medium: I'd like to get help soon, but everyone who needs fast help can be dealt with before me.
  • High: I need help as soon as possible.


Title: A summary of your issue

  • Under the subject section, you can type out a few word summary about what your issue is regarding. This could be simple as "login issue" or "game crash"


Description: A detailed version of your issue

  • This is where you will let our Support staff know what your issue is, including any relevant information and/or screenshots that could assist with identifying and resolving the issue. It is important to be as detailed as possible to ensure a quick resolution by our staff.


Once you have filled out all this relevant information, ensure you read the blue box, as this includes vital information in regards to your privacy information and compliance information with the GDPR. Once you have read the box and understand its contents, tick the box below and you are ready to submit your ticket!


To review any ticket you have made or change some information, head to our Support Page and click on "View your existing tickets"


Here it will list any open and closed tickets your account has created. You are able to view any of these tickets at any time and reply to any support members comments for active tickets, similar to our feedback and report system.

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