Complaining about a report

Last update: 11 Jan 11:27 UTC
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Check the Reporting Rules

If your report has been declined, it's likely this is because it has violated our reporting rules. It is important to check these before making a report, and also to remind yourself of them from time to time.

You can find these rules under §1.4, by clicking here.

Step 1

If you have checked these rules, and still think that your report was declined incorrectly, head over to the feedback system.

Step 2

Select the category Game Moderation Management as shown below

Step 3

Select the language in which you will be writing your ticket.

Step 4

Copy the link to your report and insert it in the text box. We can see the report, so it is not necessary to post the evidence again. Explain in detail why we should reconsider reviewing your report, and the problem you feel has occurred.

Step 5

Once done, click the submit button and wait for a member of Game Moderation Management to deal with your ticket


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