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Last update: 22 Mar 2022 22:37 UTC
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If you have not already, it is strongly advised to read through our Dedicated Event Server - Request article found here: This article will explain the process of requesting an event server.

If you are in the process of requesting an event server, then it is important to understand the configuration options available to you. This article aims to explain each option in the Request Event Server form. Additionally, we will advise the best options to you for the most common uses.

Event Request Configuration

Server start date and time and Server stop date and time

This is the exact date and time the server will be automatically started and stopped by the system. In the form and on the system, the time is always set to the UTC timezone, so you will need to convert your local time to UTC. You can do this on a timezone conversion website such as to help you get accurate results. If your request has been approved, it will not be possible to change this. If you made a mistake, you should contact Event Management via as soon as possible.

Displayed name of the event

This will be visible to everyone via the event server calendar at unless you have ticked the checkbox for The event is private and thus, no details will be shown publicly. The name of the event should not be confused with the server name.

Link to TruckersMP Event Page

A link to the TruckersMP Event System page for your event which shows the number of participants, is required. This is so we can identify whether a server is necessary for your event. Typically, an event organisation must consistently reach 100 or more participants at recent events.

Event description

Here you can write information about your event, whether it is brief or expansive. It will help us and the community to have an understanding of what the purpose of your event is and what is required from players to participate.

Temporary rules for the event

Whether you want to add a new rule, or have an exception from an official TruckersMP rule, this section is the place to request it. Temporary rules are reviewed by Event Management. A rule will not be approved if it is deemed unnecessary or inappropriate for the event.

The most common approved temporary rules are:

  • Event Staff can block junctions to guide the convoy.
  • Event Staff are allowed to overtake on roads with a central reservation barrier only. Overtaking the convoy cannot be performed by more than 2 event staff members at a time.
  • Event Staff are permitted to drive the incorrect way in accordance with the rule above.
  • Free-roaming in the server is not allowed.
  • Cars are only to be used by event staff.
  • Out-of-bounds parking is permitted for Event Staff in safe place i.e. not on top of buildings.
  • Trailers are required in order to participate.

Header image of the event

A custom banner which appears at the top of your event server page. Accepted file types: gif, jpeg, jpe, jpg, png · Max file size: 4MB · Recommended size: 1920x500

[CHECKBOX] The event is private and thus, no details will be shown publicly

Ticking this option will hide your event server booking details entirely, including the Displayed name of the event from the calendar. Only the event organiser and the TruckersMP Team will be able to view the event server booking details. This is useful if you do not want the event to be revealed to the community yet, or intend to keep it private.

Server Configuration

Server name (maximum 32 characters)

The server name will be used to identify your server on the server selection screen in-game. You should choose a short name that your participants can recognise. The name needs to be relevant and clean, as it will be visible to thousands of truckers during the time it is visible.


Simply select ETS2 (Euro Truck Simulator 2) or ATS (American Truck Simulator) depending on which game your event is hosted on.

Maximum of players that can connect to the server

It is good practice to allocate twice the amount of player slots than anticipated. Otherwise, the server may become full and new participants won't be able to connect. You should also consider the possibility of players connecting to the server which are not participating in the event, also known as "free-roaming". Typically, the minimum is 100, and the maximum is 1000.

[CHECKBOX] Enable AFK kick after 10 minutes

Ticking this checkbox will enable the systems automatic kick of idle players. Any player that has not moved or sent a message after 10 minutes will be kicked from the server following a one-minute warning.

It is beneficial to not enable this if you intend to be parking for longer than 10 minutes, for example at a truckfest.

[CHECKBOX] Enable speed limiter

Ticking this checkbox will enable a server-wide speed restriction of 60/110 km/h. It is usually not favoured for convoys.

Enabling player collisions automatically restricts the speed limit to 80/150 km/h. For no speed restrictions, untick the player collisions and speed limiter options.

City speed limits will only be removed when speed limiter and player collisions are not enabled.

[CHECKBOX] Enable player collisions

Ticking this checkbox will enable the collision system between players. It is highly recommended unless you specifically require no player collisions.

The /fix command has a cooldown period of 10 minutes when this is enabled. When it is not enabled, there is no cooldown period, and no trailer is required to use the command.

[CHECKBOX] Enable use of cars

Ticking this checkbox unlocks access to the Scout vehicle for players.

Police accessories are exclusive to TruckersMP Staff. They are not available for players and it is impossible to request them.

[CHECKBOX] Enable live map

Ticking this checkbox enables the visibility of the server on map-tracking websites such as It is highly recommended to enable, as it's very useful for tracking player locations in real-time.

[CHECKBOX] Enable ProMods

Ticking this checkbox will enable - a modded map expansion only for Euro Truck Simulator 2. If you do not intend to host your event in the ProMods map, it is highly recommended to not enable this.

All players connecting to the server MUST have the latest supported ProMods version installed. An article on how to install ProMods is available here:



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