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Last update: 02 Sep 2021 19:13 UTC
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Hello everyone!

This article is a guide for applicants or interested individuals who want to get more information on how our hiring process works and how you can become a staff member of our team. If you didn’t apply for a position yet, you’re just right here as you will also get information on how you can submit an application, which requirements we have, what the next steps are and how you could be successful with your application, as well as why it’s not so bad if you don’t get the job on your first try.

Quick overview and main ideas:

  • Which qualifications and skills do I need before applying?
  • How does the recruiting process work?
  • How does the application system work?
  • How does an interview work?
  • What about my English skills?
  • Where do I find more information?
  • How can I prepare myself properly?

Being a member of our team goes along with many expectations and skills because once you finish your training, you sometimes have to work with many players or on multiple projects at the same time and therefore certain qualifications and requirements are needed. That’s the reason why our team examines whether applicants have these skills and ideally can have fun at the job as long as possible. What also goes along with being part of an online community and staff team is that you should be able to cope with the way we work, our activity requirements and expectations and we also try to ensure that we form teams that can work at most efficiency and with appropriate qualifications/skills on our projects.

We make big efforts during training sessions where we simulate day-to-day situations as well as possible and you can imagine that all of this is connected with much time. And so that everyone profits from this effort, we make sure that the probability that the training runs successfully is on a maximum and in the end the managers know that most of the applicants who take part in the training will also work for TruckersMP in the future because otherwise, we wouldn’t have the available positions occupied. Of course, we also want to avoid that you as an applicant spend time on the training and don’t end up with a successful result.

To conclude, as some expectations might be pretty high, we examine individuals before they join as detailed as we can for us and for you to know that it will work out with a high degree of probability. Additionally, we also have many teams with special requirements such as previous experience in the area you are applying for and legal requirements as the age limit.

Which qualifications you should have as part of our team

  • Power of concentration: That’s pretty obvious and a very important qualification when working for us, if possible also during longer periods and if you have to work on multiple projects at the same time as that will often be the case. You should always keep the overview, don’t stray from your focus, etc.

  • Retentiveness: During your training sessions as well as after it, for example when getting constructive feedback or suggestions to improve

  • English skills: You should be able to use English fluently and safely during written conversations. That doesn’t mean you have to be above the average or you have to prove your English skills with a test for native speakers but you should be able to express yourself quickly and still understandably for others. It will also be the language you have to use daily as the conversations between staff members happen mostly in English, with friends or outside of English channels sometimes also in your native language and maybe you have a leader/manager who speaks the same language as you do, however, we expect you to ask and answer questions in English without problems. This will also be elaborated later though.

  • Multitasking: Some situations require that you have to deal with multiple tasks within a short period at the same time, keep a cool head and handle them properly. You probably noticed that our mod is quite popular and that the number of players increases regularly. Of course, that’s not on a constant level each day and each hour and handling this dynamic is a skill you should bring with you as an applicant

  • Organization skills: You sometimes have to work with multiple things at the same time and therefore it only makes sense that you have an idea of how you can structure your tasks, your way of work, your learning style. That’s also very important.

  • Achievement motivation: You are interested in achieving your goals and finish tasks properly. You have the aim that things you do turn out positive and quantity is not everything for you.

  • Motivation: You should inform yourself about the position you want to apply for and show enough motivation. Please use the forum to inform yourself about our team structure, our requirements, and available positions.

  • Balanced personality profile: We’re looking for balanced personalities. If you check out our staff members, you will notice that most of them are not kooky or extroverted but also not shy people, most of them have balanced personalities and that’s exactly what we’re looking for.

  • Teamwork: Very important! Our staff members always work together and they have to trust each other. It’s another way of teamwork you probably know from your day-to-day life because often, work is split between you and others but communication and connection are still necessary to reach goals as a team.

The skills listed above seem to be very demanding and sometimes you don’t know if you have a skill or not because you don’t need this combination of skills regularly. For this reason, there’s no harm trying to apply even if you don’t have all the requirements above or if you’re not completely sure about it.

How does the recruiting process work?

  • You submit an application on our website.

  • We review your account and application on the aspect of our general requirements.

  • If you fulfill all requirements, your application will be marked as “Under review” and then reviewed by the management of the team you’re applying for.

  • After we’ve made a decision, we either decline your application or invite you to the interview. Within this interview, we’ll check your performance prerequisites, qualifications, and motivation for the job.

  • If we are convinced of you and your skills, we will proceed with the onboarding. After that, some teams require you to go through a training and others don’t. Sometimes, you also have to pass a few tests with day-to-day situations that you learn within the training sessions.

  • Once you finish your training, you will be promoted to a full member of our team, while some departments still have trial periods of a few weeks before you gain all permissions. During these trial periods, your work will be observed and you get feedback on how you can improve. As soon as you are a full member of our team, your work will still regularly be checked by your team leaders or managers and you often get feedback about your work.

Where do I find the team-specific requirements?

First of all, it’s always important to know when you can apply because that's just possible if we're looking for staff members. The current source for that is always and On both of these websites, you will always find the positions we’re hiring for and the team-specific requirements. You just have to open the page, choose the team you are interested in, and read the position description with all information you need.

Which account-specific requirements do we have?

  • We expect you to have no active bans and no more than 3 bans in the last 24 months, as well as good behavior on other platforms too (such as Discord or our community forum). We will not make exceptions unless there are special circumstances. The reason simply is that as staff members you’re the face of our project and players should look up to you. Although most of you are aware of it already, we often get asked what active bans are: 12 months after your ban expires, the color of your ban will switch from green to yellow and then you can be sure that your ban is inactive (you can check that on your TruckersMP profile). This is also known as the cooling-off period.

  • Being the owner of other accounts with active bans or more than 3 bans in the last 24 months will also lead to a rejection.

  • You should be a member of TruckersMP for at least 12 months and registered on the forum for at least 1 month at the time of applying.

  • Showing activity on either the forum or our discord is necessary (community interaction). Your English skills should not be lacking there too.

  • You should fulfill team-specific requirements about your account/profile, e.g. a high degree of activity on the forum when applying for the position Forum Moderator.

If you have any questions so far, don’t hesitate to contact us via feedback or just send us a message on the forum or on Discord.

What about my English skills?

Our first tip if we get this question asked is always that you have to be honest with yourself how good your knowledge of this language is. You should be able to communicate safely during text-based conversations and don’t need a translator for everything you write while looking up a few words is not a problem. If you have to use a translation service to write up your application or interview answers, you will be struggling in the team - therefore, we will not proceed with you for a position if you turn out to use a translator. You don’t have to use English in verbal conversations as we don’t force you to join any voice chats unless you want to in most of our subteams. We would appreciate if you added a few sentences about your English skills in your application, for example how long you had/have the language in school, whether you have an English certificate, where you have the English skills from and how you would rate it (either your estimation between 1-5 or provide a level, e.g. after the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). This will be the language you mainly have to use from the first day on as a staff member.

How does the application-system work?


Some of the things we mentioned in this article will be the subject of a few questions. Of course, you have to fill in your name, where you live, and your timezone. Additionally, you have to rate the languages you speak as said above. After that, we want you to answer one question about yourself. You can basically mention here whatever you think is important and to which extent you want but examples are your career or in which grade you are, your day-to-day life, how others would describe you as a person and some of your characteristics, so we know a few things about your background. The next questions focus more on the position you’re applying for, especially your motivation, experience, the time you can devote to the team, which information you have about the role, etc. You should be as detailed as you can when answering these questions because they will be quite important when we check your application. At the end of the template, you’ll also find one scenario from the position you are applying for to show us how much you already know about certain situations, how you address a problem, whether you have the skills the position requires, and so on. However, each application form can be different depending on the team you are applying for. As soon as you submit your application, we’ll review it as soon as we can, and within a few weeks, you will get a response with our final decision. If you make it to the next step, your application will be placed on the waiting list for an undefined period in time and as soon as we are available, we will come back to you to schedule an interview. However, we don’t want to elaborate on that subject much more because you get all information you need as soon as you reach this step.

What happens during the interview?

You will get invited to the interview which is (in most cases) a text-based conversation with the managers of the team you are applying for. We will be checking your qualifications and skills and try to get to know you a bit better. Questions that could probably get asked - quite common ones - “Please tell us your strengths and weaknesses” or “why should we choose you over somebody else?”. Then it’s your job to stay honest but try to convince us with good answers that meet our expectations. You should not look for answers on the internet and copy-paste them but sometimes it’s a benefit to already inform yourself about common questions before and think about a few ideas you could bring up as an answer. You’ll have enough time to answer our questions as there is no rush, however, it might be difficult for you to answer these kind of questions if you are not prepared.

We know this from our own experience: If you’re struggling and looking for any answer you can find because you don’t know what to answer, you won’t be convincible for others. There will be other questions about your personality, so better take your time before we start with an interview and collect a few ideas you have because everyone’s able to answer such questions, some need more time and have to think about it longer, others don’t. During an interview, however, you should not have to think about yourself very long, you should know the most important information already and then present your answer to us. That’s an example of how the first interview can look like, of course, we’ll also ask a few questions about the position you’re applying for and why you would be a good addition to that team. The duration of the interview can vary as we don’t always ask the same questions and some applicants need longer to reply but it could roughly take about an hour on a special Discord server created for interviews.

After the interview, we will discuss your application and interview in detail and if everything’s fine, you’ll get a “Welcome on board!” message and we proceed with your onboarding. After that, you sometimes have to go through training or you’ll go through a trial period in which your work will be observed by your team leaders. You have to prove that you are the person we were looking for and once the managers say that you’re ready, you will be promoted to the full position with all permissions you need.

We also want to say because that’s always important for us, that there is no competition between applicants in our hiring process. We are happy about every person who has the skills and for every applicant that we can proceed with and we always want you to work with each other, not against each other. It’s not about using your elbows and trying everything to be better than others because then you can’t solve teamwork tasks and as such, you can’t work in any of our teams. TruckersMP means teamwork in the bigger picture as well as in each subteam.

As said before, some teams also require you to pass a test after your training sessions in which you sometimes have to think out of the box or just answer questions about your day-to-day work to see that you’ve taken everything on board and that you are good to climb the ladder. You’ll get more than enough time for all answers and if you’re not sure about something, you can always ask your team leader. If you pass the test, you’ll be promoted by your managers.

How can I prepare myself properly?

After reading all of the above, you probably ask yourself what that means for you and how you can prepare yourself for everything. If you’re reading this knowledge base article already, it’s the perfect first step for you to get more information about our recruiting process. The next step is that we are always trying to be approachable: Submit a feedback ticket, send us a dm - that’s why we’re here. We also won’t tell you nonsense because we have no reason for that as we have a big interest that you apply and get part of our team. Additionally, don’t drive yourself crazy.

We know that there are some rumors of people who are out of the team or got rejected but if you really want to know how it works, try it by yourself. We want you to profit from a membership in our team too and these rumors will only lead to confusion. Everything’s easier if you keep a cool head and don’t worry about it too much. As said already, it’s also important that you prepare yourself before we invite you to an interview, for example on websites that provide you with free information or with personality tests. Take a few hours preparing yourself and you should not have to worry too much. The same goes for your English skills which often gets underestimated by some applicants. Your English is one of the few things you can prepare yourself for and you can rate yourself honestly for. Also please use the opportunity to inform yourself about our positions.

Check our position descriptions, contact us, be in contact with members of the position you’re applying for who can tell you something about their experience in our team, and so on. Oddly enough, we're always happy if someone bombards us with questions and we want that you are informed and that you know what you’re trying to achieve.

That being said, I want to thank you for your attention and time. If you have questions, feel free to contact us via feedback or send us a DM on the forum or Discord. We are always approachable and we are looking forward to answering your questions.

Thanks for reading, enjoy your day and good luck!