Complaining about a ban

Last update: 14 Dec 2020 13:26 UTC
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Ensure you read the following before complaining about your ban

Do not submit a feedback ticket if one or more of the following are valid

  • Your ban appeal is still open and waiting for a response;
  • Your ban appeal has not been closed yet;
  • You want to request an unban. Note that correctly issued bans will not be removed or shortened.

§5.3 - Appealing and filing a complaint

[...] Prior to contacting feedback, your ban appeal must be Accepted, Modified or Declined. Any decision made by high ranked staff members will be final and cannot be appealed in another way. Any abuse of the feedback system can result in a ban from its use. [...]

Please note that decision over the feedback system are final and cannot be appealed in another way. If you've been given a final decision by a Game Moderation Manager, you are not permitted to submit another ticket requesting your ban to be reviewed again. The above-rule unambiguously states that any abuse of the feedback system may lead to a ban from its use. Use it wisely.

Step 1

Prior to complaining about your ban, you must ensure that your ban appeal is closed [Declined, Modified, Accepted]. Please note that we cannot take action as long as your ban appeal is still open. For more information, refer to the above-rule.

Step 2

If you still think that your ban is incorrect after your ban appeal has been dealt with and closed entirely, head over to the feedback system.

Step 3

If you follow the requirements above, select the category Game Moderation Management as shown below

Step 4

Select a language if you do not speak English

Supported languages by the Game Moderation Management: Italian, German, Turkish and English.

Step 5

Provide us, if possible, with proper video evidence explaining why your ban is incorrect. If you do not have any video showing your own point of view during the incident you were banned for, the likelihood of your ban being removed is close to zero. Showing your point of view at the time the incident occurred will greatly assist us in the decision-making-process. Make sure you explain in detail as to why we should remove your ban.

Step 6

Once you have provided everything, click the submit button and wait for a Game Moderation Manager to deal with your ticket