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We value feedback from our users as it is an amazing way to hear your thoughts on TruckersMP and to allow us to continue to improve the project. To ensure that all the feedback we receive is well-organised and able to be dealt with as quickly as possible, we have created this article. You can find the feedback system here.

Feedback TAB

You should use the feedback system for the following reasons:

  • You wish to provide feedback on staff members of TruckersMP.
  • You wish to discuss a punishment you received that is not game-related.
  • You would like to ask a question to a certain management team at TruckersMP.
  • You have a request which contains personal and/or private information which you would like to discuss.

You should keep the following in mind when using the feedback system:

  • TruckersMP management deal with submitted tickets.
  • Bans from the game are not to be appealed via the feedback system, you should create a ban appeal for that.
  • Bans from our community platforms (official Discord guild, the forum and the Twitch chat) can be appealed through the feedback system.
  • Bans from TruckersMP systems like creating web reports, creating & joining VTCs, applying for staff and creating support tickets can be appealed through the feedback system.
  • Ensure your current ban appeal is closed before contacting Game Moderation Management.
  • If you wish to report a player, you should do so through the report system.
  • You are welcome to provide constructive feedback/suggestions or make inquiries/complaints to the appropriate team.
  • Please be patient in regards to your feedback ticket, increased ticket traffic can sometimes cause a delay in responses.

Feedback Categories

To ensure that tickets are dealt with effectively and efficiently, one of the most important things is to make sure you’ve contacted the correct category of management. You will find a list of typical uses for the different categories.

Add-On Management - Inquiries regarding custom content curated by TruckersMP.

Community Management - Inquiries, suggestions or complaints regarding TruckersMP and the community as well as recruitment

Community Moderation Management - Inquiries regarding punishments on the community platforms as well as questions regarding the rules for those platforms.

Event Management - Inquiries/feedback/criticism of events hosted by TruckersMP or questions regarding the event system.

Game Moderation Management - Inquiries regarding punishments in-game and the in-game rules.

Media Management - Inquiries regarding TruckersMPs assets.

Support Management - Inquiries regarding the support system on the website/forum.

Translation Management - Inquiries regarding the translation of different articles or assets of TruckersMP.

VTC - Applications for VTC validation/verification or reports regarding VTCs on the TruckersMP platform.

Project Management, Service & Data Analyst and Development - tickets can only be created for these categories through escalation of existing tickets. Please state in your ticket if you would like it to be escalated to one of these categories.

If you have complaints regarding TruckersMP staff, please direct them to the management team responsible for them. Their team can be found via their TruckersMP profile.



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