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We value feedback from your players. Your input allows us to improve our services where possible. To ensure we can process your feedback in the best way possible, we have put in place a feedback service where you can get in touch easily with our management.


You can use this service for the following reasons:

  • You want to provide feedback about members of the TruckersMP Team
  • You want to provide feedback, complain about or discuss punishments
  • You want to provide feedback or ask questions that do not fit in any forum category
  • You have a request that contains personal and/or private information which you would not like to be publicly available
  • Other requests directed to management

Keep in mind the following when using the feedback service:

  • Only management deals with submitted tickets
  • The service is not to be used for getting unbanned. It is supposed to be used if you believe there is a mistake which was not dealt with in your appeal or by the Game Moderator
  • If your message is about a ban, make sure you have created a ban appeal first and that the Game Moderator has reviewed it. Alternatively, make sure you have waited at least 3 days for a reply
  • If you wish to report a player, please use the report system which is provided here
  • Constructive feedback, suggestions, inquiries or complaints are welcome
  • Please be patient as at times, we will get a heavy load of feedback cases
  • English is the preferred language as it means we can get to work on your case instantly. Writing in other languages will necessarily cause a delay in responding due to needing translations

Feedback Categories

When submitting feedback, make sure you select the appropriate category so management can process your tickets faster. Below is an overview of the available categories and a few use cases of when to select that category.

Project Management: complaints about management, issues for development

Community Management: questions about the game, project, vtc's

Game Management: complaints about game moderators, game punishments

Community Moderation Management: questions about Discord or forums, complaints about community moderators or punishments (forums or Discord)

Event Management: feedback about events, event server requests

Add-on Management: questions about save editing, custom content created by TruckersMP

Media Management: questions about assets

Support Management: Complaints about Supporters, feedback about support service, requests for technical help

Human Resources: questions about staff opportunities, feedback about recruitment, complaints or feedback about staff

Translation Manager: questions about translated assets, posts, media and the team of Translators.



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