How to install ProMods for TruckersMP

Last update: 12 Jan 22:03 UTC
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The following is a step-by-step guide on how to install the ProMods modification, in order to be able to play on the ProMods server.

Important: You need to own all DLCs listed here in order to play ProMods! Furthermore, World Of Trucks jobs may not work properly in ProMods. This is nothing we can change.

If you played ProMods in the singleplayer before, you are not required to do anything with an exception for making sure you have the newest version. Otherwise, you will get an error message that the modification files are missing when you try to connect to a ProMods server.

Step 1

Head over to and create an account, or log in to your account if you already own one.


Step 2

Navigate to You will be asked to choose a language, followed by the creation of a “def” file. Not all options in the definition file will be used in the multiplayer.




Step 3

Select the preferred option how you want to download ProMods. The paid (fast) option will make you able to download the full mod in one archive, at a higher speed than the free (slow) option. If you chose the slow option, you will have to download all files one by one.

Make sure to extract the downloaded files. You can find more information about extracting files here.

Please note, the Middle-East Add-On Pack will be supported. This will not be the case for the Trailer and Company Pack. Though, this might be supported in the future.


Step 4

Once you have all ProMods files on your system, head to the mod folder in your Euro Truck Simulator 2 directory, and move all files into this directory. The game data folder is usually in Documents unless you specified otherwise in the launch options.

Please note, do not put the files in the TruckersMP mod folder. You have to take the mod folder of the ETS2 directory.

Do NOT change the name of any ProMods file, else they will not be recognised by the TruckersMP launcher.


Keep in mind that TruckersMP has an own manager of modifications and thus, you will not see ProMods in the Mods Manager in-game.

Step 5

Run the TruckersMP launcher, select the option to launch ETS2 and chose for the ProMods server. Please note, it might take some time to get past the loading screen. ETS2 will show you a "Missing modifications detected" warning. You must click on “Load Anyway” and ProMods will start correctly

If you select the ProMods server, but are getting an error, you will have to read this error and fix it. In case you are unable to fix the error, feel free to contact our support team at


Please remember that the redistribution of ProMods files is not allowed! This is software piracy and a criminal offense. Furthermore, it is against our TruckersMP rules.



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