FAQ & INFO Regarding Bans, Reports, Appeals, Kicks and GMM Feedback Tickets

Last update: 01 Mar 2023 18:24 UTC
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Table of Contents

  1. Report Related Questions
  2. Kick Related Questions
  3. Ban Related Questions
  4. Appeal Related Questions & Information
  5. Game Moderation Management Feedback Tickets

This article covers everything that is related to Game Moderation. Please read through each section if you have any questions or complaints that you wish to make.

Report Related Questions

I have been banned from the reporting system. What should I do?
We expect everyone to follow §1.4 - Reporting users. Any violation of the rules may result in a temporary or permanent ban from the web reporting system. If you wish to see the reason for your reporting system ban, including the length, submit a feedback ticket directed to the Game Moderation Management.

The following actions can result in a ban from the reporting system. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Removing the evidence right away or before the required duration of the ban plus thirty days.
  • Removing the evidence upon request of the banned player.
  • Reporting another player with fake evidence. Note: This may result in a permanent ban from the reporting system.
  • Reporting other players with reports using continuous freecam (Cam 0).
  • Reporting the same player with evidence that has already been declined.

What happens if I report players solely from high-populated areas?
If you’re driving in the city of Calais, Duisburg, or on the rural road between Calais and Duisburg with the sole intention of reporting other players, then you may be at risk of having your reporting privileges removed.
The point of our mod is to let players enjoy all roads, everywhere in the map, and not only drive back and forth in highly populated areas just to report players. Our modification is made for players to enjoy the entire game world.

§1.3 - Spamming or Abuse

Using any of the report or communication systems provided on TruckersMP services inappropriately. This can include but is not limited to spamming them, reporting users multiple times with the same evidence, and misusing the system for its intended purposes. This can include but is not limited to the in-game chat, CB radio, horn spamming, our forum, support tickets, feedback tickets, appeals, and reports.

§1.4 - Reporting users
Any violation of the following rules might result in a temporary or permanent ban from the web reporting system.

Spamming our report system with useless reports, reports using continuous freecam (Cam 0) to record, or anything similar.

I believe my report was valid, but it was declined by a member of staff. What should I do?
Please refer to the following article that explains what you need to do. Please ensure that you read this fully before you submit your complaint.

Kick Related Questions

I was wrongfully kicked by a staff member!
Please note that we require video evidence of the entire incident leading up to the kick. If there's no video evidence, there's nothing we can do. We cannot take action based on assumptions.

Do you recommend filing a complaint?
It depends on the situation. Most of the complaints regarding kicks have been issued by mistake, for example by selecting the wrong user, inserting the wrong ID in the chat, and so on. We strive to ensure that members of our staff check everything twice before kicking one of our players. Unless you have been kicked multiple times, we recommend reconnecting to the servers.

Ban Related Questions

If I become a Patron, will you remove or otherwise reduce my ban or give me any perks regarding bans? No. It is entirely your decision if you wish to support TruckersMP through Patreon, and is entirely optional. It does not entitle you to preferential treatment.
You can find the perks to your Patreon here.

Do you remove bans after a certain time? For example, in one year?
No, bans will stay on your profile history. Bans that expired over a year ago will not be taken into consideration anymore, and we do not remove them either. We only remove them under rare circumstances. This includes but is not limited to:

  • The evidence of your ban is not available (keep in mind that evidence must be available for the required duration of the ban plus thirty days).
  • The ban has been issued by mistake (usually marked as @BANBYMISTAKE).
  • The ban has been issued incorrectly upon GMM review.

I have been banned, but there is no evidence of my ban. What do I do?
If you have been banned in-game, it may take some time for the staff member to upload your evidence. If you wish to see the evidence, please appeal your ban and request the evidence from the staff member.

Can I contact a staff member on discord or somewhere else to discuss a ban?
No, it is not allowed. Appeals sent through other means will be ignored. We encourage players to submit an appeal if they believe their ban is unjust. We stress the importance of how to properly submit an appeal for a game ban. You can do so by accessing the ban appeal system, choosing your ban, and then clicking on “Appeal your ban.” For more information on how to properly appeal your ban, check the following guide.

I should be unbanned already, but my ban is still active? What do I do?
If you live in another time zone and haven’t modified it in your settings yet, then you should first do that, or convert the expiry time of your ban into your local time zone. Depending on your time zone, the exact expiration date may slightly differ.
To modify your time zone, head to Settings > Site Settings, and then change the time zone to your local time.
All bans are issued in UTC time.

Why is my ban so long?
We view Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator as simulation games, and this is reflected in our banning structure. Intentional actions will result in longer ban durations than that of accidental or negligent offenses would typically receive. We review every incident “as is” and on a case-by-case basis. This means that ban durations can and will vary based on the offense and the staff member, but they will still adhere to internal banning guidelines.

Some types of rules that can warrant a longer first-second-third ban include, but are not limited to;

  • Intentional violations of the rules.
  • Endangering other users for no reason.
  • Use of racial or homophobic slurs.
  • Use of violent acts imagery/text.

My brother/sister/cat/ used my PC and got me banned. What do I do?
Rule §1.1 - Account and Equipment clearly outlines that you are responsible for your account. Anyone owning an account is responsible for its security. Regardless of who was using your account when the rule violation occurred, the ban will not be removed.

Why do you ban players right away instead of warning them?
The rules clearly outline the official set of rules of TruckersMP and establishes what content and behavior is not appropriate. We strongly encourage all players to familiarize themselves with the rules to best understand how to keep TruckersMP fun and safe for everyone. When a player agrees to the TruckersMP Rules, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service, it’s expected that they understand the rules of the service.

I have been banned due to my in-game tag/save editing. What do I do?
If you have been banned due to one of the reasons listed above, please follow the instructions below, depending on the reason for your ban. You will most likely be unbanned if it's your first, second or third ban, but if it's your fourth or fifth ban, then we do not remove those bans. They are strictly 1-month and 3-months.

In-game tag
If you want to skip the instructions below, follow this video made by our staff.

  1. Start the multiplayer and click the "gear" icon on the login page in the top left-hand corner of your screen;
  2. Open the multiplayer settings;
  3. On the General tab, change your tag;
  4. Take a screenshot of the modified tag;
  5. Upload the screenshot to a service for sharing photos and screenshots, such as Imgur, Resmim, Lightshot/Prntscr;
  6. Once done, appeal your ban with the screenshot you took in the above steps, and reply with something like "I have changed my in-game tag, could you please review my ban."

Save editing

  1. Start the game in single-player mode and go to your vehicle/trailer;
  2. Remove the improperly attached parts or alternatively, add the missing ones;
  3. Take at least THREE screenshots of your vehicle/trailer showing 1) the front, 2) the back, and 3) the side of it;
  4. Upload the screenshots to a service for sharing photos and screenshots, such as Imgur, Resmim, Lightshot/Prntscr;
  5. Once done, appeal your ban with the screenshots you took in the above steps.

Appeal Related Questions & Information

The account owner is responsible for anything that happens on their account, regardless of who may have used it. Avoid pointing fingers, such as; “But they rammed me”, “My brother did it while I was gone”, or “My mouse/keyboard stopped working”. These excuses will not be taken into consideration. We would rather appreciate people admitting their own fault than making up excuses: take responsibility for any actions on the server and be polite.

Please keep in mind that cursing at staff, blaming someone else, or arguing that you don't agree with the rules will result in a failed ban appeal. Threatening our staff is against our rules and will not be tolerated. Doing so will not get your account reinstated, and may result in your ban being extended. Abusing or spamming the ban appeal system may lead to additional punishments, or revoking of appeal privileges.

I've appealed my ban a few hours ago, but so far no response. What do I do?
It may take some time for the staff member to deal with your appeal. Remember that we get a lot of appeals daily, so please be patient and wait. There is no need to spam the ban appeal system, as it won't speed up the response time.
We aim to deal with appeals in a reasonable time frame (3 days). If your appeal has not been answered within that time frame, then you can file a complaint via the feedback system.

My ban appeal has been accepted, but my ban is still visible on my profile. Why?
Even if your ban appeal has been accepted, it doesn't mean that it will be removed from your profile. Unless the ban has been issued by mistake, bans for save editing, improper tags and similar will stay on your profile. We don't remove them.

Can I appeal my ban, apologize, and ask for a ban reduction?
While you have the option to appeal your ban, you should not do that. The ban appeal system should be used to prove your innocence or if you can prove that your ban is unjust. Staff members will not reduce your ban, providing it has been correctly issued. While an apology is the first step in the right direction, it will not really help.

Game Moderation Management Feedback Tickets

Prior to contacting Game Moderation Management regarding a ban or any other inquiry, you must follow the rules that are listed here. Failing to do so will result in your feedback ticket being closed without a response.

Please note:

  • If you wish to contest your ban with Game Moderation Management, you must appeal your ban and receive a final decision. You cannot contest your ban if your ban appeal is still open.
  • You cannot ask for the duration of a correctly issued ban to be adjusted.
  • Permanent bans for rules §2.1 and §2.9 are strictly permanent and will not be removed, even after a prolonged period of time.
  • Do not submit a ticket on another user’s behalf.
  • Bans that have expired over fourteen days ago will not be reviewed.

Before you submit your ticket, please go through each point and check that one or more do not apply. When you submit your feedback ticket, it must be respectful. Immaturity, threats or profanity may result in your rights to use the feedback system being revoked.

I attempted to report another user, but their account was deleted. What should I do?
To report a deleted account, you will need to submit a feedback ticket directed to Game Moderation Management, with all the relevant information of the perpetrator, including evidence, and we’ll handle the situation.

Can you check if my save editing is acceptable?
Before you ask for your save edits to be reviewed, take a look into the save editing rule where you’ll most likely find your answer.